Sermon #1057          Miscellaneous Sermons                                                   


          Title:       A PASTOR’S PLEA

          Text:       I Corinthians 1:1-10

          Scripture Reading:

          Subject:  A Plea for Steadfast Unity in Christ

          Date:       Sunday Evening – November 28, 1992




Corinth was a large, flourishing, prosperous city in the southern part of Greece. It was one of the most influential cities in the ancient world. Having seaports on both its east and west sides, it was a trade center for the entire civilized world. Corinth was a city of wealth, affluence and luxury, beyond comparison. But it was also a city of great lewdness. Totally given over to the pagan religions and philosophies of the learned and affluent Greek world, much like our own society, the Corinthians were altogether unrestrained in vice. Throughout the world prostitutes were known as Corinthian women. To act like a Corinthian was to indulge in moral perversion.


Yet, God had his elect in the city of Corinth. From that fallen, depraved society, the Lord had chosen to save some! Therefore, at the time appointed, he sent the Word of salvation to them by his servant Paul. You can read about Paul’s labors among the Corinthians in Acts 18. He stayed in Corinth for about two years, being encourage by a heavenly vision, in which he was assured that God had many people there. God blessed his labors. Many were converted by the grace of God. And a large gospel church was established.


Sometimes after he left the city of Corinth, Paul wrote this epistle to the saints of God there, to water what he had planted and to correct some disorders that had arisen during his absence.




Satan sought to destroy the church at Corinth and the testimony of Christ in that city; but Paul was determined to preserve it and save it for the glory of God.


This afternoon, I want us to look at the first ten verses of this epistle together. I want to put myself in Paul’s place, taking his words for my own. The title of my message is A Pastor’s Plea.

NOTE: These first ten verses are Paul’s own preface to the entire epistle. They tell us briefly what his object in writing this epistle was.


I.  The Salvation (vv. 1-2).


A.  Who is Speaking to You? (v.1).

1.     A Man – Paul/Don

2.     A Man Called to be The Messenger of Jesus Christ.

3.     And Sosthenes our brother” – (Acts 18-17). All who labor with me in the gospel.


B.  Who am I talking to? (v. 2).

1.     The Church of God.

2.     The sanctified in Christ.

3.     You who are called to be saints.


II.  The Blessing Desired (v. 3).

“Grace and Peace.”


A. Grace is the favor of God, with all the blessings of grace.

B.  Peace is the result of grace, reconciliation to God.

C.  Grace and peace come to sinners from God the Father through the Mediation of Christ.


III.  A Cause for Great Thanksgiving – (vv. 4-7).


A.  The Blessings of Grace (v. 4).

B.  The Gifts of Grace (v. 5).

C.  The Confirmation of Grace (v. 6).

D.  The Hope of Grace (v. 7).


IV.  My Confidence Concerning You (vv. 8-9).


A.  Christ will keep you to the end.

B.  He will present you blameless before the presence of his glory.

C.  God is faithful.

·       He called you.

·       He will keep you.

·       He will complete his work in you and with you.


V.  Your Pastor’s Plea (v. 10).


As I plead with God for you, now I plead with you for God.


A.  The Basis of my appeal is the name of Christ.

B.  I am calling for doctrinal unity – “Speak the same thing.”

C.  I am calling for unity of heart – “That there be no divisions among you” (Eph. 4:1-2).

D.  Be perfectly joined together -

1.  In the same mind.”

·       The will of God.

·       The truth of God.

·       The glory of God.


2.  In the same judgment” – Let your judgment in all things be ruled by

·       The Glory of God

·       The Interests of the Gospel.

·       The Good of Your Brethren.


Anything that would dishonor our God, hinder the preaching of the gospel, disrupt the unity of the saints, disturb the peace of the church, or hurt one of God’s children reject. Anything that promotes these things do and encourage!


Application: I Corinthians 10:15-17