The Gospel of Mark



Sermon #1

          Title:            “The Beginning of the Gospel

          Text:            Mark 1:1-8

          Subject:          Lessons from the ministry of John the Baptist

          Date:            Sunday Evening - December 1, 1996

          Tape#                    T-15


Sermon #2

          Title:            The Baptism of the Master

          Text:            Mark 1:9-20

          Subject:      The Baptism and Early Ministry of Christ

          Date:            Sunday Evening - December 8, 1996

          Tape#                    T-17


Sermon #3

          Title:            Lessons From a Day of Miracles

          Text:            Mark 1:21-34

          Subject:      The faithfulness of our Savior

          Date:            Sunday Evening - December 15, 1996

          Tape#                    T-20


Sermon #4

          Title:            A Sunday With the Savior

          Text:            Mark 1:35-39

          Subject:      The prayer, preaching, and power of Christ

          Date:            Sunday Evening - December 22, 1996

          Tape#                    T-22


Sermon #5

          Title:            How Can A Sinner Obtain Mercy?

          Text:            Mark 1:40-45

          Subject:      The healing of the Leper

          Date:            Sunday Evening - December 29, 1996

          Tape#                    T-24



Sermon #6

          Title:            Four Fantastic Friends

          Text:            Mark 2:1-12

          Subject:      Our Lord’s ministry at Capernaum

          Date:            Sunday Afternoon - January 5, 1996

          Tape#                    T-26


Sermon #7

          Title:            Don’t Put New Wine in Old Bottles

          Text:            Mark 2:13-22

          Subject:      The Call of Matthew

          Date:            Sunday Evening - January 12, 1997

          Tape#                    T-29


Sermon #8

          Title:            The Lord of the Sabbath

          Text:            Mark 2:23-28

          Subject:      The Disciples Picking Corn on the Sabbath

          Date:            Sunday Evening - January 19, 1997

          Tape#                    T-32


Sermon #9

          Title:            Watch Him

          Text:            Mark 3:1-35

          Subject:          Christ’s Behavior Among Different People

          Date:            Sunday Evening - January 26, 1997

          Tape#                    T-35



Sermon #10

          Title:            “They Watched Him”

          Text:            Mark 3:1-12

          Subject:      The Healing of the Man with the Withered Arm

          Date:            Sunday Evening - February 9, 1997

          Tape#                    T-39


Sermon #11

          Title:            The First Twelve Preachers            

          Text:            Mark 3:13-21

          Subject:      The calling of the Lord’s Apostles

          Date:            Sunday Evening - February 16, 1997

          Tape#                    T-41



Sermon #12

          Title:            The Glory of the Gospel and the Danger of Unbelief                Text:            Mark 3:22-30                 

          Subject:          Forgiveness and damnation.

          Date:            Sunday Morning - February 23, 1997

          Tape#                    T-44


Sermon #13

          Title:            The Master’s Family                 

          Text:            Mark 3:31-35

          Subject:      The true family of Christ.

          Date:            Sunday Evening - February 23, 1997

          Tape#                    T-45



Sermon #14

          Title:            The Parable of the Sower            

          Text:            Mark 4:1-20

          Subject:      False faith and true.

          Date:            Sunday Evening - March 2, 1997

          Tape#                    T-48


Sermon #15

          Title:            Some Matters Of Personal Responsibility

          Text:            Mark 4:21-25

          Subject:          Personal responsibility

          Date:            Sunday Evening - March 9, 1997

          Tape#                    T-51


Sermon #16

          Title:            Spiritual Growth

          Text:            Mark 4:26-29

          Subject:          Growing in grace.

          Date:            Sunday Evening - March 23, 1997

          Tape#                    T-54


Sermon #17

          Title:            The Parable Of The Mustard Seed

          Text:            Mark 4:30-34

          Subject:      The growth of God’s kingdom in the world.

          Date:            Sunday afternoon - April 6, 1997

          Tape#                    -57


Sermon #18

          Title:            The Voyage

          Text:            Mark 4:35-41

          Subject:          Christ’s calming the storm.

          Date:            Sunday Evening - April 20, 1997

          Tape#                    T-62


Sermon #19

          Title:            My Own Experience Of Grace

          Text:            Mark 5:1-20

          Subject:          Christ’s saving the maniac of Gadara

          Date:            Sunday Evening - April 27, 1997

          Tape#                    T-65


Sermon #20

          Title:            “Who Touched Me?”

          Text:            Mark 5:21-34

          Subject:      The healing of the woman with an issue of blood

          Date:            Sunday Evening - May 11, 1997

          Tape#                    T-69


Sermon #21

          Title:            Talitha Cumi!

          Text:            Mark 5:22-24, 35-43

          Subject:      The raising of Jairus’ Daughter

          Date:            Sunday Evening - May 18, 1997

          Tape#                    T-72


Sermon #22

          Title:            “Is Not This The Carpenter?”

          Text:            Mark 6:1-6

          Subject:      Our Lord’s ministry at Nazareth

          Date:            Sunday Evening - May 25, 1997

          Tape#                    T-75


Sermon #23

          Title:            Messengers Commissioned

          Text:            Mark 6:7-13

          Subject:      The commissioning of the Apostles

          Date:            Sunday Evening - June 15, 1997

          Tape#                    T-81


Sermon #24

          Title:            Seven Lessons From A Seductive Party

          Text:            Mark 6:14-29

          Subject:      The beheading of John the Baptist

          Date:            Sunday Evening - June 22, 1997

          Tape#                    T-84


Sermon #25

          Title:            “They Have Nothing To Eat”

          Text:            Mark 6:30-47

          Subject:      The feeding of the Five Thousand

          Date:            Sunday Evening - July 13, 1997

          Tape#                    T-88


Sermon #26

          Title:            Reasons For Good Cheer

          Text:            Mark 6:45-56

          Subject:          Reasons why believers should be of good cheer

          Date:            Sunday Evening - July 20, 1997

          Tape#                    T-90


Sermon #27

          Title:            The Religion Of The Pharisees

          Text:            Mark 7:1-23

          Subject:      False religion

          Date:            Sunday Evening - July 27, 1997

          Tape#                    T-93


Sermon #28

          Title:            Total Depravity

          Text:            Mark 7:14-23

          Subject:      The depravity of man

          Date:            Sunday Evening - August 24, 1997

          Tape#                    T-98


Sermon #29

          Title:            Mercy Needed, Mercy Sought, Mercy Given

          Text:            Mark 7:24-30

          Subject:          Lessons from the Canaanite woman

          Date:            Sunday Evening - September 6, 1997

          Tape#                    U-3


Sermon #30

          Title:            “Ephphatha!”

          Text:            Mark 7:31-37

          Subject:      The healing of the deaf mute

          Date:            Sunday Evening - September 28, 1997

          Tape#                    U-9


Sermon #31

          Title:            Satisfaction Found In The Wilderness

          Text:            Mark 8:1-9

          Subject:      The feeding of the four thousand

          Date:            Sunday Evening - October 19, 1997

          Tape#                    U-16


Sermon #32

          Title:            Watch Out For The Leaven!

          Text:            Mark 8:10-21

          Subject:      The leaven of the Pharisees

          Date:            Sunday Evening - November 9, 1997

          Tape#                    U-19


Sermon #33

          Title:            “He Took The Blind Man By The Hand”

          Text:            Mark 8:22-26

          Subject:      The healing of the blind man at Bethsaida

          Date:            Sunday Evening - November 16, 1997

          Tape#                    U-25


Sermon #34

          Title:            A Conversation By The Way

          Text:            Mark 8:27-33

          Subject:          Peter’s confession and confusion

          Date:            Sunday Evening - November 23, 1997

          Tape#                    U-28


Sermon #35

          Title:            Truths Of Deepest Importance

          Text:            Mark 8:34-38

          Subject:      The costs of following Christ and of unbelief

          Date:            Sunday Evening - December 7, 1997

          Tape#                    U-33


Sermon #36

          Title:            The Transfiguration

          Text:            Mark 9:1-13

          Subject:          Lessons from the transfiguration

          Date:            Sunday Morning - December 14, 1997

          Tape#                    U-35


Sermon #37

          Title:            “Jesus Only”

          Text:            Mark 9:8

          Subject:      Christ is everything to the believer

          Date:            Sunday Evening - December 14, 1997

          Tape#                    U-36


Sermon #38

          Title:            A Welcome Intrusion

          Text:            Mark 9:14-29

          Subject:          Christ’s healing of the demon possessed young man

          Date:            Sunday Evening - December 28, 1997

          Tape#                    U-41


Sermon #39

          Title:            Matters Of Tremendous Importance

          Text:            Mark 9:30-37

          Subject:      The disciples’ dispute about who shall be greatest

          Date:            Sunday Evening - January 11, 1998

          Tape#                    U-44


Sermon #40

          Title:            The Salt of Hell And The Salt Of Grace

          Text:            Mark 9:38-50

          Subject:          Instruction from the Master

          Date:            Sunday Evening - January 18, 1998

          Tape#                    U-47


Sermon #41

          Title:            The Master Teaches About Marriage And Children

          Text:            Mark 10:1-16

          Subject:      Our Lord’s teachings about marriage and children

          Date:            Sunday Evening - February 15, 1998

          Tape#                    U-51


Sermon #42

          Title:            “Jesus Beholding Him Loved Him”

          Text:            Mark 10:17-27

          Subject:      Christ and the Rich Young Ruler

          Date:            Sunday Morning - March 1, 1998

          Tape#                    U-54


Sermon #43

          Title:            Christ’s Amazing Doctrine

          Text:            Mark 10:28-34

          Subject:      The things our Lord taught his disciples

          Date:            Sunday Evening - March 8, 1998

          Tape#                    U-58


Sermon #44

          Title:            Five Great Things

          Text:            Mark 10:35-45

          Subject:      The disciples’ strife about who should be greatest

          Date:            Sunday Morning - March 22, 1998

          Tape#                    U-58a


Sermon #45

          Title:            “Jesus Stood Still”

          Text:            Mark 10:46-52

          Subject:      The healing of Bartimaeus

          Date:            Sunday Evening - March 22, 1998

          Tape#                    U-58b


Sermon #46

Title:            “Blessed Is He That Cometh In the Name Of The              Lord!”

          Text:            Mark 11:1-11

          Subject:          Christ’s public entry into Jerusalem

          Date:            Sunday Afternoon - March 29, 1998

          Tape#                    U-60a


Sermon #47

          Title:            Lessons From The Fig Tree And The Temple

          Text:            Mark 11:12-19

          Subject:      The barren fig tree and the money changers

          Date:            Sunday Evening - April 5, 1998

          Tape#                    U-61b


Sermon #48

          Title:            “Have Faith In God”

          Text:            Mark 11:20-26

          Subject:      Faith, prayer, and forgiveness

          Date:            Sunday Evening - April 12, 1998

          Tape#                    U-63b


Sermon #49

          Title:            Three Spiritual Evils

          Text:            Mark 11:27-33

          Subject:      The Pharisees question the Lord’s authority

          Date:            Sunday Evening - April 26, 1998

          Tape#                    U-65b


Sermon #50

Title:            “This Was The Lord’s Doing, And It Is Marvellous In Our Eyes.”

          Text:            Mark 12:1-12

          Subject:      The Parable of the Vineyard

          Date:            Sunday Evening - May 10, 1998

          Tape#                    U-67b


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