The Book of Ruth


Sermon #1

          Title:            Christ Our Kinsman Redeemer

          Text:            Ruth 3:9

          Subject:       Redemption and grace in Christ

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - March 16, 1993

          Tape#                   O-69


Sermon #2

          Title:            A Very Costly Move

          Text:            Ruth 1:1-5

          Subject:       The costs of unbelief and disobedience

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - March 23, 1993

          Tape#                   O-72


Sermon #3

          Title:            Three Women

          Text:            Ruth 1:6-18

          Subject:       Lessons about faith from Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - April 6, 1993

          Tape#                   O-77


Sermon #4

          Title:            The Resolute Consecration of True Faith

          Text:            Ruth 1:16-18

          Subject:       Ruth’s decision and determination

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - April 27, 1993

          Tape#                   O-83


Sermon #5

          Title:            “Change And Decay In All Around I See”

          Text:            Ruth 1:19-22

          Subject:       Contentment with God’s providence

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - May 4, 1993

          Tape#                   O-86


Sermon #6

          Title:            “Seek And Ye Shall Find”

          Text:            Ruth 2:1-12

          Subject:       Seeking the Lord

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - May 11, 1993

          Tape#                   O-89


Sermon #7

          Title:            Ruth’s Reward

          Text:            Ruth 2:12

          Subject:       The reward of faith

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - June 1, 1993

          Tape#                   O-96


Sermon #8

          Title:            Mealtime With Boaz

          Text:            Ruth 2:14

          Subject:       Ruth feeding at Boaz’s table

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - June 15, 1993

          Tape#                   O-99


Sermon #9

          Title:            “Handfuls Of Purpose”

          Text:            Ruth 2:15-16

          Subject:       Instructions for sinners and for preachers

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - June 22, 1993

          Tape#                   P-2


Sermon #10

          Title:            One That Has Right To Redeem

          Text:            Ruth 2:20

          Subject:       Christ our Kinsman Redeemer

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - June 29, 1993

          Tape#                   P-5


Sermon #11

          Title:            Ruth Comes To Boaz

          Text:            Ruth 3:1-18

          Subject:       Instructions to sinners seeking mercy

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - July 6, 1993

          Tape#                   P-6


Sermon #12

          Title:            Three Nearer Kinsmen, But Only One Kinsman Redeemer

          Text:            Ruth 3:12-13

          Subject:       Redemption only by Christ

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - July 13, 1993

          Tape#                   P-9


Sermon #13

          Title:            Boaz Redeems Ruth

          Text:            Ruth 4:1-22

          Subject:       Redemption by Christ typified in Boaz’s redemption of Ruth

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - July 20, 1993

          Tape#                   P-12


Sermon #14

          Title:            Good News Heard In Moab

          Text:            Ruth 1:6

          Subject:       The utility of the Word in regeneration and conversion

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - July 27, 1993

          Tape#                   P-15


Sermon #15

          Title:            Ruth’s Choice

          Text:            Ruth 1:14 - “Ruth clave unto her.”

          Subject:       The consecration of faith

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - August 3, 1993

          Tape#                   P-18


Sermon #16

          Title:            “The Beginning Of Barley Harvest”

          Text:            Ruth 1:22

          Subject:       The typical significance of the beginning of barley harvest

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - August 17, 1993

          Tape#                   P-22


Sermon #17

          Title:            The Congregation Of The Lord

          Text:            Ruth 2:4-9

          Subject:       The privileges and responsibilities of God’s house illustrated

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - August 24, 1993

          Tape#                   P-25


Sermon #18

          Title:            “To Raise Up The Name Of The Dead”

          Text:            Ruth 4:4-5

          Subject:       The purpose of redemption

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - September 14, 1993

          Tape#                   P-30


Sermon #19

          Title:            Seven Lessons From The Book Of Ruth

          Text:            Ruth 1:1

          Subject:       The principle things taught in the Book of Ruth

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - September 21, 1993

          Tape#                   P-33