Sermon #11                                                 Ruth Series:

          Title:            Ruth Comes To Boaz

          Text:            Ruth 3:1-18


          Subject:       Instructions to sinners seeking mercy

          Date:            Tuesday Evening - July 6, 1993

          Tape #        



          The Word of God is a declaration of redemption and grace in Christ. Not only does the Bible declare and explain God’s great purpose and mighty operations of grace, it gives us numerous types, pictures, and examples of it that we can all relate to.


·        David and Mephibosheth!

·        Ezekiel’s deserted infant!

·        The Valley of Dry Bones!

·        Hosea and Gomer!

·        Lazarus’ resurrection!

·        Zachaeus’ conversion!

·        The Prodigal Son!

·        The Good Samaritan!

·        Onesimus’ conversion!


But one of the most detailed and most beautifully instructive pictures of redemption and grace is the love story of Boaz and Ruth. (Everybody likes a love story with a happy ending - Jacob and Rachel, Hosea and Gomer, Boaz and Ruth.)


1.     The story begins with a declaration - “My God is King!” (Elimelech’s name).

2.     The story has two great themes, one hidden, the other revealed.

·        The hidden theme is Divine Providence.

·        The revealed theme is Redemption - The Kinsman Redeemer.

3.     This story of redemption and grace is a story about a great fall (1:19-21).

4.     Ruth and Naomi came to Bethlehem a the beginning of the barley harvest. (This Gospel Age.)

5.     Ruth gleaned in the field of Boaz. (The Word and Church.)

6.     Boaz took special notice of Ruth.

·        “They shall not touch thee!”

·        “At mealtime, come!”

·        “Let her glean among the sheaves!”

·        “Handfuls of purpose!”

7.     Boaz was Ruth’s near kinsman - The one who has right to redeem!

Note: Boaz knew what his intentions werer. He knew what he could do for Ruth. And Naomi knew what he could do if he would. The only one in the dark was Ruth. But she had seen Boaz!


          Tonight, I want us to look at chapter 3:1-18. The title of my message tonight is Ruth Comes To Boaz.




          Here we have a beautiful, instructive picture of the way sinners come to Christ to obtain mercy and grace.


          But this message is for you who have long been wed to Christ, too. Stay with me, I want each of us to follow Ruth’s example. “As ye have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him.” There is something here for everyone. I want us to look at five things in these eighteen verses.


I.     NAOMI’S WISE COUNSEL (vv. 1-4).


          I told you a few weeks ago about the motherly characteristics of God’s church. She is a mother to all who are born of God. (Isa. 49). Well, here, Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law, is a good representative of the church of God. Listen to the wise and godly counsel this woman gives to Ruth.


          NOTE: Her counsel was godly counsel. It was exactly according to the Word of God. It was designed of God to be a picture of grace.


A.  Naomi sought Ruth’s welfare (v. 1).

B.  She knew their Kinsman-Redeemer and had great confidence in him (vv. 2, 18).

·        Who he was!

·        Where he was! (He is winnowing barley tonight!)

·        What he would do!

C. Naomi told Ruth exactly what she must do (vv. 3-4).


          If Ruth would be wed to Boaz, that was altogether up to Boaz. But she must let him know that she is interested. She must use every means at her disposal to obtain his favor. She must seek him. Yet, she must seek him as one unworthy of his notice, as one totally dependent upon him. Naomi said…


1.     “Wash thyself” - (Repentance, separation).

2.     “Get thee down to the four” - Go to the house of God.

3.     “Mark the place where he shall lie!” - The promises of God to poor sinners!

4.     Lay down at his feet!

·        Mary (Lk. 10).

·        The woman (Lk. 7).

·        The place of humility!

·        The place of reverence!

·        The place of worship!

·        The place of blessing!

5.     Wait there! - “Make not thyself known unto the man.” “He will tell thee what thou shalt do!”




          Remember, Ruth was a grown woman. She had already been married once. She was probably between 20-30 years old. Yet, she responds to godly instruction like a little child. “All that thou sayest unto me, I will do!”


A.  She did not know Boaz on the law of God, but Naomi did; so she listened to Naomi. She wanted Boaz!

B.  She came to Boaz, softly.

C. She ventured everything on Boaz’s goodness - Imagine what could have happened to her!

D. She came to him in the darkest hour of the night - Midnight.




          She had before offered a request - “I pray you, let me glean” (2:7). Now she offers herself! Notice three things in verse 9.


A.  A Confession

·        “I am Ruth!” - A stranger!

·        Thy Handmaid” - Lordship!

·        “Thine Handmaid” - A servant!


B.  A Request - “Spread thy skirt over thine handmaid.” That is, take me to be your wife.

·        A submissive request.

·        A private, personal matter.


C. A Claim - “Thou art a near kinsman!”

·        You have the right to save me!

·        You have the power to save me!

·        Will you save me?




          There was no reluctance at all on Boaz’s part to perform the part of a kinsman.


A.  He commends the wisdom of her choice (v. 10).

B.  He promises to do all that she wants (v. 11).

C. He declares her to be a virtuous woman (v. 11).

·        She was not so by nature - She was a Moabite!

·        Grace made her so (1 Cor. 6:9-11).

D. He is a willing redeemer, but something was more important to Boaz than Ruth - The honor of God (vv. 12-13).

NOTE: Redemption must honor God’s law!




          Did you notice when we read this chapter that there are two “I wills” in it?

·        Ruth said to Naomi, concerning Boaz, “I will do all that you say” (v. 5).

·        Boaz said to Ruth, “I will do all that you say!” (v. 11).


          There are also two “Rests”. (The Sabbath)

·        Rest for Ruth (v. 1).

·        Rest for Boaz (v. 18).


A.  Ruth stayed at Boaz’s feet all night (v. 14).

B.  Boaz took great care to protect Ruth (v. 14).

C. Boaz provided Ruth with all she needed (v. 15).

·        She had his heart!

·        She had his name!

·        She had his corn!

·        She had him!

D. Ruth told Naomi all about Boaz (vv. 16-17).

E.  Naomi assured Ruth of Boaz’s faithfulness (v. 18; Phil. 1:6; 1 Thess. 5:24).



Romans 12:1-2

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Titus 2:10