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September 11          Today’s Reading: Hosea 2-7

“I will allure her.”

Hosea 2:14


In Hoses 2:6-23 the Lord God Himself is speaking. The subject about which He is speaking is the salvation of His own elect portrayed in the love of Hosea for Gomer and his goodness to her. In verse 14 our great God shows us five things about His saving grace.


The Wonder of Grace

The wonder of grace is demonstrated in the words, “Therefore, behold.” These words in the context refer to the horrible crimes we have committed against our God. Here is the wonder of grace: — God finds a reason to be gracious when there is none! He overrules our sins, the reasons for His wrath, and makes our sinfulness a reason for His grace. Grace is for the guilty, the needy, the sinful!


The Will of Grace

The will of grace is the “I will” of almighty God. In the Bible nothing is ever attributed to the will of man but sin. Salvation is by the will of God. Grace is caused, governed, directed, and exercised, not by the dictates of man’s free will, but by the dictates of God’s sovereign will (Romans 9:15-18). Twenty times in this chapter God says, “I will.” And the result of God’s “I will” is the salvation of His elect.


The Wooing of Grace

The wooing of grace is seen in the word “allure”. I like that word. God does not say, “I will drag her,” or “drive her.” No. God will not have any until He has their hearts. He says, “I will allure her,” court and woo her until I win her heart. He reveals Himself in her heart by the revelation of Christ’s glorious Person and work. And His wooing is effectual. It is the work of His Spirit.


The Work of Grace

The work of grace is revealed in the words, “I will bring her into the wilderness.” If He wills, He allures. If He allures, He brings his own into the wilderness. Like a bridegroom takes his bride away from family and friend to an isolated place to be with him alone, Christ Jesus separates His own elect from all others, and causes us to dwell with Him alone by faith. In the wilderness He provides for, protects, guides, and instructs us.


The Word of Grace

The word of grace is, “I will speak comfortably unto her.” God says, when I allure her and bring her to myself, I will speak to the heart of My beloved. And My word to her will always be the word of comfort and grace, spoken to her heart. I will speak to My own of hope and joy (v. 15), marriage and forgiveness (vv. 16-17), and of covenant mercy (vv. 18-22) and blessed assurance (v. 23).


Thank God for grace, His matchless grace,

Amazing, free, eternal grace!

Grace chose me and devised a way

To save me and put sin away!






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