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September 19, 2010


No sermon should ever be preached that does not tell eternity bound souls how God saves sinners by Christ Jesus.


Daily Readings for the Week of September 19-26

Sunday                Nahum 3-Habakkuk 3                                Thursday                   Zechariah 10-14

            Monday                     Zephaniah 1-Haggai 1                               Friday             Malachi 1-4

            Tuesday                    Haggai 2-Zechariah 4                                Saturday                    Matthew 1-4

            Wednesday  Zechariah 5-9                                                           Sunday                      Matthew 5-7


á      I am preaching today for Bethel Baptist Church in Spring Lake, NC, where Bro. Rupert Rivenbark is pastor. Bro. Larry Criss will preach to you this morning. Bro. Ron Wood will bring the message tonight.

á      Thursday night I am scheduled to preach for Zebulon Baptist Church in Pikeville, KY, where Bro. Tom Harding is pastor. Telephone: (606) 631-9053 — Email: taharding@mikrotec.comFriday night and Saturday morning I plan to preach for Grace Baptist Church in Dingess, WV, where Bro. Gary Vance is pastor. Telephone: (304) 752-7287 — Email:



Regina Henson-20th Ron Wood-23rd Larry Brown-24th Noah Duff-26th



Today: Jayalita McCormack (AM) Anne Peterson (PM) Tuesday: Laura Peterson


Christ Jesus Died for Me!Don Fortner

(Tune: #531 — America the Beautiful — CMD)

1.    The cross of Christ inspires my heart, to sing redeeming grace. —
Awake, my soul! Awake, my heart, in my RedeemerŐs praise.
All praise forever give to Him, Who died upon the tree!
This is my soulŐs delightful theme, — Christ Jesus died for me!
2.    His heart was crushed, His body torn, and stained with His own blood,
His soul reproached with guilt, forlorn, forsaken by His God!
And then the Father gave the stroke that justice had decreed.
All nature felt the dreadful stroke, when Jesus died for me!
3.    When He was made a curse for me, ŇMy God, my God,Ó he cried,
ŇWhy hast Thou thus forsaken Me?Ó And then my Savior died.
But why did God forsake His Son, When bleeding on the tree?
He died for my sins, made His own. — Christ Jesus died for me!
4.    When sin and guilt on Him were laid, justice to satisfy,
His soul a sacrifice was made, and Christ my Surety died!
Was ever love so great as this? Was ever grace so free?
My glory, hope and joy is this, — Christ Jesus died for me!
5.    He entered in, with His own blood, and took His place on high;
      Effectual, sin-atoning blood, can never be denied.
My mighty Savior cannot fail. — My Advocate is He!
And with my soul all things are well, since Jesus died for me.

Who are GodŐs elect?


ŇKnowing, brethren beloved, your election of God.Ó

(1 Thessalonians 1:4)


            Everyone who reads the Bible, even casually, knows that it teaches the doctrine of election. All GodŐs saints rejoice in that doctrine. Nothing sounds sweeter in the believerŐs ear than the voice of the Son of God saying, ŇYe have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.Ó


Yet, no mere man can open and read the LambŐs Book of life. No mortal can ever know who the elect are until they are regenerated and called by God the Holy Spirit. However, each of us can prove our own selves. We can make our calling and election sure.


In 1 Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul, writing by Divine inspiration, tells us that he knew those men and women in the Church at Thessalonica were elect, chosen of God and precious by five distinct marks of grace upon them. If you are numbered among GodŐs elect, these five marks are upon you. If I am one of the elect, these marks are upon me.


Who are GodŐs elect? Look into the Word of God, and you will see. There is no need for guess work about this matter. The Holy Spirit shows us five evidences of GodŐs election in 1 Thessalonians chapter one.


1.    GodŐs elect are people who hear the gospel preached and receive the gospel as it is preached in the power of God the Holy Spirit (v.5).


The elect are those who are called by the effectual, irresistible power and grace of God the Holy Spirit. They are called by the Spirit through the preaching of the gospel (Romans 1:15-17; 10:13-17; 1 Corinthians 1:21-23; 15:1-3; Hebrews 4:12; James 1:18; 1 Peter 1:23-25). God does not save sinners by the sound of chirping birds, or by the babbling heresies of Arminian, free-will, works religion. God saves his chosen through the preaching of the gospel of his free and sovereign grace in Christ.


2.    GodŐs elect are those who follow Christ (vv. 3, 6).


Chosen sinners, when saved by the grace of God, are made disciples, followers of Christ, voluntary servants of King Jesus. Believers are not perfect, and never pretend to be. They know something of the corruption of their own hearts. Yet, in the tenor of their lives, those who are born of God follow Christ. We follow his doctrine, his example, his Word, his Spirit and his will, as it is revealed to us by his Word and the direction of his Spirit. We follow our Savior by faith, constrained by love, and motivated by gratitude.


3.    GodŐs elect are a people who are committed to Christ and the gospel of his grace (v.8).


As the saints at Thessalonica sounded out the gospel to perishing sinners in their generation, so GodŐs saints today make it their business to make the gospel known for the glory of God.



4.    GodŐs elect experience repentance and conversion by the power of his grace.


When called of God, they turn from their idols to serve the living God (v.9). Believers forsake their idols and the idolatrous religious practices of their former manner of life. They are not found worshipping a false god. You do not find GodŐs children kneeling before a pagan deity, kissing a crucifix, or professing faith in a helpless, frustrated god whose purpose, will and work are prevented by manŐs imaginary free-will!


5.    GodŐs elect are waiting for Christ (v.10).


Believers live upon the tiptoe of faith, looking for that blessed hope, the glorious appearing of the great God, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Believing his Word, we live in hope and expectation of the resurrection. Every child of God rejoices in GodŐs electing love. We rejoice, like the hymn writer, to sayÉ


ŇTis not that I did choose Thee, for, Lord, that could not be.

This heart would still refuse Thee, hadst Thou not chosen me.

My heart owns none before Thee, for Thy rich grace I thirst,

This knowing - If I love Thee, Thou must have loved me first!Ó



Good Works

Pastor Henry Mahan

1.    James said ŇFaith without works is dead.Ó So also are works dead without the life of Christ.

2.    Good works are not the cause of faith. Good works are the results of the life of Christ within us.

3.    Good works are not absolute proof of the life of Christ within-but the absence of works of faith is proof that Christ is not within.



No Redemption but by Substitution


      Five years before C. H. Spurgeon died, he said to his congregation, — ŇBrethren, I desire to be in the same mold as John the Baptist. I would have my thoughts and my ministry concentrated on the Lord Jesus Christ, his sacrifice, and his atoning death, henceforth and forevermore. During the little time I may be spared to lift up my voice in this wilderness, I would bear witness to the Lamb of God. The years will be short in which I shall preach to this flock, but around the cross of Christ, our Lord, shall be to me the green pastures, and from the sacrifice of our Lord shall flow to you the still waters. Many others are dealing with other things — some, I doubt not, faithfully; others with evil intent. I leave them to do their best or their worst. For this servant of God shall be separated to the gospel of God, dedicated to the atonement by his precious blood. I know no gospel, no redemption, but by substitution, and no substitute but Jesus Christ, our Lord.Ó



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September 19, 2010


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