Grace Baptist Church of Danville

April 20, 2008


Our justification is not conditioned upon our faith in Christ. Our faith in Christ is the fruit of justification by which we experience the blessedness of it, receiving the atonement he accomplished for us in his death (Romans 5:11).


Daily Readings for the Week of April 20-27

                        Sunday                      1 Kings 20-21                                   Thursday                   2 Kings 8-9

                        Monday                     1 Kings 22-2 Kings 1          Friday             2 Kings 10-12

                        Tuesday                    2 Kings 2-4                           Saturday                    2 Kings 13-14

                        Wednesday  2 Kings 5-7                           Sunday                      2 Kings 15-17


·      Missions Offering Today

·      We will have our Quarterly Fellowship Today. There will be no service here tonight.

·      The Lord willing, Bro. Todd Nibert, the pastor of Todds Road Grace Church in Lexington, will preach the gospel to you Tuesday tonight.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Joyce Montgomery-25th Gina Blackburn-26th



Today: Shante’ Birchum Tuesday: Anne Peterson


How Sweet to Bow and WaitDon Fortner

(Tune: O for a Thousand Tongues #46 CM)


1.    How sweet to bow and wait before

The throne of my dear Lord;

Surrender to His providence,

And wait to hear His word.


2.    Sickness and health, sorrow and joy,

He wisely measures out:

Faithful and true, He does me good;

His love I cannot doubt!


3.    My Father knows just what I need

To make me trust Him more,

To draw my heart to Christ in love,

And seek His will the more.


4.    I lay myself before Your throne,

My God, Your will be done!

Order my steps and guide my heart

To magnify Your Son.


5.    Holy Spirit, as I wait,

Descend upon my soul,

Inscribe upon my heart Your will,

And make my spirit whole.



Grace Baptist Church of Danville

Preaching Schedule — April 22-May 25, 2008


            Since it is unlikely that I will be able to return to the pulpit for several weeks, I have asked Bro. Todd Nibert to preach to you on Tuesdays through the 27th of May. Our own preachers will take care of the worship services on Sundays. Here is the schedule I have arranged.


Tuesday                                April 22                                  Pastor Todd Nibert


Sunday                                  April 27          AM                  Darvin Pruitt

                                                                        PM                  Larry Criss

Tuesday                                April 29                                  Pastor Todd Nibert


Sunday                                  May 4 AM                  Ron Wood

                                                                        PM                  Darvin Pruitt

Tuesday                                May 6                         Pastor Todd Nibert


Sunday                                  May 11           AM                  Larry Criss

                                                                        PM                  Ron Wood

Tuesday                                May 13                                   Pastor Todd Nibert


Sunday                                  May 18           AM                  Darvin Pruitt

                                                                        PM                  Larry Criss

Tuesday                                May 20                                   Pastor Todd Nibert


Sunday                                  May 25           AM                  Ron Wood

                                                                        PM                  Darvin Pruitt

Tuesday                                May 27                                   Pastor Todd Nibert


Eclipsing the Glory — Pastor Joe Terrell


      From our perspective, it generally looks as though the moon has a light of its own. But during an eclipse – when the moon comes between Earth and the sun – the moon is shown for what it is: a dark and dead body. Rather than adding light to the sun, it actually diminishes the sunlight that reaches us.


      So it is with doctrine. While in its proper position, it shines with a brilliant light or glory. But, just as with the moon, the glory of doctrine is not its own, it is Christ. The proof of this is simple. Let any doctrine occupy a place between Christ and us, and it will “eclipse” the glory of Christ and become a dead and darkening thing to our souls.


      Election is a glorious and wonderful doctrine. But its glory is wholly borrowed from Christ. There is no glory in election apart from the fact that “we are chosen in Him…” Predestination has no glory apart from the fact that we are predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ. Redemption viewed by itself becomes nothing more than a point of contention and pride. Arguments arise over its extent and scope. But, when we understand that we have redemption in Christ, even more, that Christ IS our redemption, then all arguments over its extent and scope are silenced and a glorious, God-honoring, soul-comforting truth appears: that every blood-bought sinner IS redeemed by a redemption that cannot be undone. And so the principle applies to every truth: until truth is seen in its proper relation to Christ, it is a dead and dark thing. But when it is viewed in proper relation to Christ, it shines with His glory and reveals His glory to us.



Ten Promises from God to His Troubled Saints

Isaiah 43:1-7


Child of God, your afflictions in this world may be many, heavy and long, but they will never destroy, or even harm you. Therefore the Lord your God says, “Fear not.” Then he gives you these ten blessed promises to silence your fears.


1. “I have redeemed thee!” — Christ has redeemed you by the price of his precious blood and the power of his omnipotent grace. If he has redeemed you, nothing and no one can harm you.


2. “I have called thee by thy name!” — All whom he has redeemed are called, called with an effectual, irresistible, personal call. This is efficacious grace!


3. “Thou art mine!” — What a blessed word of grace! You belong to God as his peculiar possession, his new creation. That means you are under his protection and provision.


4. “I will be with thee!” — Wherever God by his providence puts you, he will be with you in sympathy and in power to take care of you.


5. “I am the LORD thy God, the holy One of Israel!” — The almighty God, the Holy One, who is always faithful and true, is as much your property as you are his property, because he has given himself to you.


6. “I am thy Savior!” — When he says, “I gave Egypt for thy ransom, Ethiopia and Seba for thee,” our Lord is saying, “I have bought you at such a price that I cannot afford to lose you.”


7. “Thou art Precious in my sight!” — You are God’s treasure, his jewel. Though despised by men, if you are a believer, you are precious to God!


8. “Thou hast been honorable!” — You are not honorable by nature, nor by any of your deeds, but God by his grace has made you honorable. He has washed away your sin by the blood of Christ and robed you with his perfect righteousness.


9. “I have loved thee!” — Let men talk all they please about a useless, universal love. This is special love! God so loves his own elect that he will sacrifice men and nations for them!


10. “I have created (you) for my glory!” — The very glory of the triune God is wrapped up in the salvation of his people. He will either save all the chosen seed, all who are called by his name, and save them from all evil, or he will lose his glory; and that cannot be!


His decree Who formed the earth fixed my first and second birth;

Parents, native place and time, all appointed were by Him.

He that formed me in the womb, He shall guide me to the tomb;

All my times shall ever be ordered by His wise decree.

Plagues and deaths around me fly; till He bids, I cannot die;

Not a single shaft can hit, till the God of love sees fit!




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April 20 , 2008


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