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A data base containing all unpublished articles originally written for our church bulletin. Consolidations of these writings have been the source of several books and commentaries being published, but an enormous amount of materials remain for your browsing.



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[htm] 01 eph 03v10 Gods Wisdom-Choice of Christ Our Reedemer.htm13.9 KB2014-Aug-17
[htm] 02 eph 03v10 Gods Wisdom In The Covenant of Grace.htm12.4 KB2014-Aug-17
[htm] 03 eph 03v10 Gods Widsom-in the Choice of Christ as Our Redeemer.htm17.1 KB2014-Aug-23
[htm] 04 eph 03v10 Gods Wisdom-in the Incarnation of Christ.htm17.3 KB2014-Aug-26
[htm] 05 eph 03v10 Gods Wisdom-in the Life and Death of Christ.htm18.4 KB2014-Sep-06
[htm] 06 eph 03v10 Gods Wisdom-Redemption Gods Glory.htm15.3 KB2014-Sep-13
[htm] 07 eph 03v10 Gods Wisdom-Redemption Gods Glory.htm14.4 KB2014-Sep-16
[htm] 08 eph 03v10 Gods Wisdom-Redemption Gods Glory.htm18.1 KB2014-Sep-28
[htm] 09 eph 01v03-14 Gods Wisdom-The Wise Provisions of Grace.htm17.4 KB2014-Oct-04
[htm] 10 eph 01v03-14 Gods Wisdom-The Wise Provisions of Grace.htm21.6 KB2014-Oct-18
[htm] 11 1jo 04v16-19 Gods Wisdom-The Wise Provisions of Love.htm13.9 KB2014-Oct-18
[htm] 12 1pe 01-12 Gods Wisdom-Redemption The Study of Angels.htm15.3 KB2014-Oct-18
[htm] 13 eph 03v10 Gods Wisdom-Redemption The Study of Angels.htm18.3 KB2014-Oct-25
[htm] 14 psa 76v10 Gods Wisdom-The Wrath of Man Shall Praise Thee.htm14.3 KB2014-Oct-28
[htm] 15 psa 76-10 Gods Wisdom-His Use of Sin.htm17.4 KB2014-Nov-12
[htm] 16 psa 076v10 Gods Wisdom-His Wise Use of Sin.htm15.8 KB2014-Nov-17
[htm] 17 isa 45v05-07 Gods Wisdom-in Using Evil.htm15.7 KB2014-Nov-26
[htm] 18 gen 02v17 Gods Wisdom-Presence of Sin in Gods Universe.htm17.6 KB2014-Nov-26
[htm] 19 act 02v23 Gods Wisdom-The Crucifixion of Christ.htm15.0 KB2014-Dec-02
[htm] 20 rom 07v18 Gods Wisdom-The Evil That Is In Me.htm19.3 KB2014-Dec-15
[htm] 21 gen 03v15 Gods Wisdom-Christ the Womans Seed Triumphant.htm18.1 KB2014-Dec-20
[htm] 22 gen 03v01-07 Gods Wisdom-The Fall of Man.htm13.1 KB2014-Dec-25
[htm] 23 rev 12v01-17 Gods Wisdom-Satans Designs.htm18.9 KB2015-Jan-04
[htm] 24 rom 05v20-21 Gods Wisdom-Where Sin Abounded.htm16.5 KB2015-Jan-13
[htm] 25 job 33v14-24 Gods Wisdom-A Ransom Found.htm15.4 KB2015-Jan-17
[htm] 26 gal 04v04-06 Gods Wisdom-Salvation by the Crucified God.htm13.7 KB2015-Jan-20
[htm] 27 eph 01v08-09 Gods Wisdom-The Wisdom and Prudence of Grace.htm14.0 KB2015-Feb-06
[htm] 28 rom 11v33 Gods Wisdom-The Wisdom of Grace.htm14.3 KB2015-Feb-06
[htm] 29 jud 14v14 Gods Wisdom-Out of The Strong Came Forth Sweetness.htm16.1 KB2015-Feb-06
[htm] 30 isa 42v01 Gods Wisdom-In Choosing Christ To Be Our Redeemer.htm15.8 KB2015-Feb-11
[htm] 31 2co 05v21 Gods Wisdom-Displayed In Substitution.htm18.3 KB2015-Feb-21
[htm] 32 eph 01v08 Gods Wisdom-The Wisdom and Prudence of God.htm18.5 KB2015-Mar-02
[htm] 33 rom 16v27 Gods Wisdom-God Only Wise.htm14.8 KB2015-Mar-04
[htm] 34 1ti 01v17 Gods Wisdom-The Only Wise God.htm16.6 KB2015-Mar-11
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