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A data base containing all unpublished articles originally written for our church bulletin. Consolidations of these writings have been the source of several books and commentaries being published, but an enormous amount of materials remain for your browsing.



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[htm] dan 01v08 Dare To Be A Daniel.htm11.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] dan 04v26 The Heavens Do Rule.htm10.7 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] dan 04v34-35 Freewill Religion Makes God a Failure.htm18.7 KB2015-Sep-01
[htm] dan 04v34-35 God And Man As They Really Are.htm12.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] dan 04v34-35 Religion makes God a Failure.htm14.5 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] dan 04v37 He Is Able.htm13.1 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] dan 07v08-09 Iron Teeth Ten Horns a Little Horn.htm13.9 KB2013-Sep-16
[htm] dan 09v19 Is It Right To Pray For Forgiveness.htm11.9 KB2013-Jan-15
[htm] dan 09v24 Transgression Finished - Sins Ended.htm12.3 KB2016-Oct-12
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