rev 22v04 And They Shall See His Face


Revelation 22:4


This is the great object of our hope, the great desire of our hearts, the great joy of heaven, and the great fulness of our heavenly reward. Concerning all the children of God it is written, "And they shall see his face!" The very Christ who died in our place at Calvary, fully satisfying the wrath and justice of God for us, shall be seen by us. We shall see his face! This is the heaven of heaven!

                We shall literally see his face. It is delightfully true that we shall see and enjoy many things in heaven. But that which is now desired, and will then be enjoyed, above all else is the sight of Christ himself. It seems to me that our text also implies a spiritual sight of Christ, which is far sweeter. In the next world we will have a greater ability to see Christ than we now possess. We will see him perfectly and know him fully. And our vision of him will be uninterrupted. The Paradise of God is a heaven of pure, intense, eternal, perfect, spiritual fellowship with Christ.

                In that future estate of glory and bliss we will have a clear, undimmed vision of Christ, because everything which now hinders our sight of him will be removed. Our many sins, our earthly cares, and our sorrows in this world now prevent us from seeing our Lord as we desire. But then there will be nothing between us and our Savior. In glory there will be nothing in our hearts to rival Christ. We will love him as he ought to be loved, perfectly. Christ will not only be supreme, he will be All.

                Why do we consider this vision of Christ the greatest bliss of heaven? Why do we place such importance upon this one aspect of our heavenly inheritance? The reason is just this, when we see the Lord's face our salvation will be complete. Every evil thing will be completely eradicated from us. When we see his face we will be conscious of his favor. And when these eyes see his face a complete transformation will take place. '"We shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is." We will see things as he sees them We will thinks as he thinks. Our will will be one with his will. Our hearts will be one with his heart. Then, when we see his face, we shall be perfectly satisfied.

                Who are they to whom this promise is given? The apostle tells us that those who shall see his face are "they which are written in the Lamb's book of life." All who were chosen, predestinated, redeemed, and called by him shall see his face. All who believe on him and love him shall see his face. Will you be among those who shall see Christ face to face?