“Cast Into The Lake Of Fire!”

Revelation 20:15

I must warn you who are yet without Christ, if you will not trust Christ you must be forever damned! Soon, you shall be “cast into the lake of fire!” All who are found guilty of sin in that great and terrible day of God’s wrath and judgment shall be cast into the lake of fire. There you shall be made to suffer the unmitigated wrath of almighty God  forever!

One by one the Lord God will call the damned before his throne and judge them. As he says to you,  "Depart ye cursed!" He will say to his holy angels, "Take him! Bind him! Cast him into outer darkness!" There will be no mercy for you! There will be no pity for you! There will be no sorrow for you!

There will be no hope for you! There will be no end for you!

To hell you deserve to go! To hell you must go! To hell you will go! Unless you flee to Christ and take refuge in him, in that great day the wrath of God shall seize you and destroy you forever! I beseech you now, by the mercies of God, be reconciled to God by trusting his darling Son! "Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men!"  Come to Christ now! Eternity is before you!

Behold his infinite love revealed in the sacrifice of his dear Son, and know that God is gracious, merciful, and willing to save sinners (II Cor. 5:14-15). Behold Christ’s finished atonement, and know that God in Christ has found a way to deliver sinners from going down to the pit (II Cor. 5:21). Infinite wisdom found an infinitely meritorious ransom in the sin-atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, God can be and is both just and the Justifier of all who believe on his Son. Behold his amazing, almighty, saving grace, and know that our God is a God who is able to save (II Cor. 5:17-21).

In that great and terrible day I hope to be found in Christ, not having my own righteousness, but having his righteousness. How will it be for you in that day.

Don Fortner