Satan Is Bound           

Revelation 20:1-3


     Our Lord Jesus has always ruled satan, as he has ruled all things, by virtue of his total sovereignty as God. But now he has, as the God-man, our Mediator, taken away satan's power to deceive the world, so that he might gather his elect out of every nation in the world. Our great adversary is under the total rule and control of our dear Savior. He cannot harm us! He is still our adversary, our accuser, our enemy, the deceiver, a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. The devil's nature is not changed. But his power is bound. His ability to execute his malicious will against God's elect is effectually restrained by Christ. Learn this and rejoice: Satan is bound! He tempts us. But his temptations are sovereignly ruled and controlled by Christ. He assaults us. But the assailant has no power to hurt us. He roars against us. But he has no power to devour us. The lion of hell has been conquered by the Lion of Judah! He is held in restraint by Christ. Insofar as God's elect are concerned this lion has neither fangs, nor claws, nor power.

     This binding of satan is not his destruction. That comes at our Lord's second advent. This binding is the restraint of satan's power to deceive the nations. Satan's influence in the world is not destroyed, but curtailed, so that he is unable to prevent, or even hinder, the spread of the gospel, the salvation of God's elect, and the increase of Christ's kingdom in the nations of the world. Satan cannot prevent, or withstand, the increase and completion of Christ's Church (Matt. 16:18). I do not say, by any means, that satan is bound with reference to all men. We know better than that. Most people are yet under his dominion. But insofar as God's elect are concerned, satan is bound everywhere. He cannot stop the progress of the gospel until "the thousand years are expired" and all God's elect are saved. Then "he must be loosed a little season." But in the end, child of God, God "shall bruise satan under your feet" (Rom. 16:20).


Don Fortner