"Come Out Of Her, My People"    

Revelation 18:4


     Throughout the Word of God Babylon represents false religion. It does not matter what name the religion wears, every religion that declares salvation by the will, works and worth of the sinner, in whole or in part, is the religion of Babylon. It is antichrist. It engulfs the whole world in darkness. God's command to his people concerning Babylon is not, "Reform her", Rebuild her",or "Restore her". God's command is crystal clear and forcibly repeated throughout the Scriptures (Isa.48:20;52:11;Jer.50:8;51:6; I Cor.6:17;Rev.18:4).No less than six times he says,"Come out of her,my people, that ye be not partaker of her sins, (her religious doctrines, ceremonies and blasphemies), and that ye receive not of her plagues." We are to totally abandon all false religion, touching not the unclean thing, and align ourselves with Christ, his gospel and his people.



Don Fortner