"Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots"   

Rev. 17:5

     In this vision, John did not see the resurrection of an ancient city. He saw a picture of a woman, with worldwide influence for the destruction of men's souls. This woman is called "BABYLON THE GREAT," because she represents all the religious systems and doctrines in this world that are opposed to the truth of God. Babylon is the religion of man. It is any and all religions which teach that salvation is ultimately dependent upon and determined by either the works of man or the will of man. This religious system was begun in opposition to God in the fourth generation after the flood by Nimrod, the cursed grandson of Noah's cursed son, Ham (Gen. 10:8-11; 11:1-9).

     Idolatry is not a gradual decline from truth by well-meaning, but uninformed men. It began in Babel, as an organized, intentional rebellion to God. It was the invention of a proud race who refused to bow to the God of Noah, trust a Substitute, and come to God upon the grounds of grace alone. Babylon was born in defiance of God. The people of Babel despised God's sovereignty, despised blood atonement, and despised salvation by grace alone. They attempted to build a tower to heaven by the works of their own hands, with no regard for the glory of God. Therefore, God scattered those men and brought their religion to confusion.

     Yet, wherever these idolaters have been scattered through the earth, their religion is essentially the same. All pagan mythologies, idolatrous images, religious rituals and corrupt doctrines in the world, no matter how much they differ, have an underlying sameness, which proves they are all from one original source. And that source is Babel, Babylon, Nimrod's plan to defeat the purpose of the God of Noah. The one foundational tenet that always remains the same in the worldwide religions of Babylon is this: MAN'S SALVATION ULTIMATELY DEPENDS UPON AND IS DETERMINED BY MAN HIMSELF!


Don Fortner