"Behold, I Am Alive For Evermore!"   

Revelation 1:18


     Our dear Savior is alive! Meditate on that fact and adore your living Redeemer. Christ, the great God-man who lived and died as our Substitute, is alive in heaven today; and he is the same now as he was when he walked upon the earth and died on the cross. It is true, he has undergone the great change of glorification, but he is essentially the same (Heb. 13:). He who is now clothed with majesty in heaven is the very same Christ who bore our sins in his own body on the tree. His love for us has not changed! His tender mercy has not changed! His sympathy, compassion, and care have not changed! His grace has not changed! His willingness to forgive our sin has not changed!

     Christ's work of redemption as our Substitute is finished! He once died. And his death was the death of death for his people. But he who died for us is alive. That fact assures us of these four things:

(1.) The  death  of  Christ  made  a  complete,  final       atonement  for  the  sins  of  his  people  (Heb.       10:10-14).

(2.) The  love  which compelled Christ to die for us is      the love which  rules  the  heart of him who rules      the world (Rom. 5:10).

(3.) The purpose  for  which Christ died will certainly      be accomplished (Isa. 53:10-12).

     I am not among those who think that the results of Christ's death hang in jeopardy. I believe, according to the scriptures, that everything our Lord intended to do by his death shall be done. There shall not be one soul lost whom Christ died to save. He has paid the debt for his elect; and his elect cannot be charged with their sins (Rom. 8:33-34; 4:8). The law and justice of God will not allow it.

(4.) The  merit  of  Christ's  atoning  sacrifice  is        eternally effectual (I John 1:1-2).

     Our Savior died once, two thousand years ago, but his blood is just as fresh, meritorious, and acceptable to God for the justification and salvation of sinners as if it had been shed two minutes ago. If you come to God upon the ground of Christ's shed blood, through faith in his blood, you cannot be turned away. God, for Christ's sake, still receives sinners, forgives their sin, and saves to the uttermost all who come to him through Christ Jesus.



Don Fortner