Revelation 1:7


John began his letter to the seven churches of Asia with a benediction of grace - "Grace be unto you". Then his loving heart arose to grateful adoration. He adored Christ because of who he is and what he has done. Our blessed Savior is "the faithful witness, and the first-begotten from the dead, and the Prince of the kings of the earth". And he has done marvelous things for us. He loved us. He redeemed us. And he has made us kings and priests to God. Our Lord's royalty is diffused among the redeemed. Praise belongs to Christ because he is King, and then because he has made us kings. The Son of God takes such stuff as he finds in the dunghill of fallen humanity and makes for himself kings and priests unto God: And now John's adoration arises to expectation. "Behold, He Cometh'" Like John, our reverence should be deepened and our adoration increased by the conviction of the speediness of Christ's glorious advent - The Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Heaven, is coming in all the glory and majesty of his eternal Godhead, to the delight of his people and the dismay of his enemies.

1. King Jesus Is Coming!

The second coming is an absolute certainty. It is not a matter of speculation or debate. As surely as he came to die, he will come to reign. That very One who died at Calvary shall come again to reign upon the earth. Who shall prevent him? His heart is with his bride, and he will surely come to her. Notice, John puts it in the present tense. "He is coming." Every event of providence is a footstep of the King in his descent. He is coming, and soon he shall appear!

2. King Jesus Is Coming In Majestic Glory.

Once he came in humiliation. In humiliation he died. But he shall never be humbled again. When Christ comes, he will ride upon the clouds of glory, and it is no secret matter. "Every eye shall see him." All the redeemed shall see him. All his enemies shall see him.

3. King Jesus Is Coming In Triumphant Judgment.

At that glorious day, the Son of God will gather all his redeemed unto himself. And he will ease himself of all his adversaries. And he shall reign forever. Hallelujah' "Even so. Amen."