"Worse Than An Infidel"     

I Timothy 5:8


     The philosophy of this age is contempt for the Word of God and the moral decay of society is the result. The single greatest cause of the immorality, decadence, and lawlessness of this society is the destruction of manhood in every realm of society. I mean the destruction of true manhood and fatherhood. There is more to manhood and fatherhood than siring children. Any beast can do that! Manhood, fatherhood is assuming all the responsibilities of a household in the fear of God. It is providing for, protecting, disciplining, and training a family for the glory of God.

     Today men turn over to their wives the responsibilities of providing for their families. There is no head in most households. Therefore there is no rule and order. The training of children has been turned over to the state. Godly discipline is looked upon as barbaric cruelty.The disregard of God's order and God's Word has given us a society completely engulfed in riotousness.

     We do not have to follow suit. We must not follow suit! BELIEVING MEN MUST ASSUME THEIR GOD-GIVEN RESPONSIBILITIES. Any man who does not provide for his family all that for which God holds him responsible to provide has "denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel." Godliness is more than a profession, a creed, or a dress code. Godliness is faithful obedience to God. Let others, if they dare, destroy their families and destroy the souls of their own offspring, by contemptuously disregarding the Word of God. We must not. Men who fear God must behave as men who fear God. That means, my brother,...You must PROVIDE for your house...You must RULE your house...You must TRAIN your family,instructing your wife and children in the things of God,teaching them to assume responsibility for themselves, and preparing them for adulthood...You must DISCIPLINE your children with consistancy and firmness, making them obedient.Pay no attention to the philosophy of the age.Stop your ears to the influence of reprobate men. Be obedient to God. God honors obedience.


Don Fortner