“Give Thyself Wholly”                  

I Timothy 4:15

            Preaching is not a part-time job, a sideline work, or a weekend activity. It requires the whole of a man’s life and attention. When the prophet Isaiah considered God’s purpose of grace, he said, “I will not hold my peace...I will not rest,” until God’s elect have all been saved. Then he said to all future watchmen upon the walls of Zion, “Give him no rest,” until he has fulfilled his purpose (Isa. 62:1, 7). By example and by precept, we are told that the servant of God must give himself wholly to the work of the ministry; to study, to prayer, to writing, and to preaching. If we take seriously the ministry of the gospel, two things must be done: (1.) EVERY CHURCH to whom God has given a faithful pastor must generously support that man and his family to the best of their ability, so that he may give himself wholly to the work of the gospel. (2.) EVERY PASTOR who is called of God to the work of the gospel and given the responsibility of preaching the gospel to eternity bound souls must give himself wholly to the work. If that means you and your family must do without finer things, cannot drive the best cars, live in the nicest house, and wear the most fashionable clothes, that is a small price to pay.


Don Fortner