"Not A Novice"              

I Timothy 3:6


     Nothing is more dangerous to the peace, harmony and unity of God's church than a novice in the pulpit. A novice (a man with little experience) is easily lifted up with the pride of his office, gifts and knowledge. He quickly assumes that he is wiser than his teachers and does not think himself arrogant to assume that he knows more than all who have gone before him. He will divide brethren of long standing, or try to, over words and phrases. He knows how to tear down, but not how to build. He knows how to destroy, but not how to comfort. He knows how to ruin, but not how to restore. If he seeks advice, it will always be from another novice. He will not hear and follow the advice of older, experienced men, whose usefulness has been proven. A novice assumes that usefulness is an indication of compromise. A novice can never pastor. He only holds the office.


Don Fortner