1th 04v13 18 Comfort One Another


"COMFORT ONE ANOTHER" I Thessalonians 4:13-18

In this world God's children suffer many things from many sources. Let us be careful not to be the cause of sorrow to any of God's people. We ought rather to comfort one another. One of the best ways to comfort one another is to speak often to one another of the hope set before us. OUR LORD IS COMING AGAIN. Soon our Savior shall appear in power and great glory. WHEN CHRIST APPEARS THE SECOND TIME, WITHOUT SIN UNTO SALVATION, WE SHALL BE CHANGED. Those who sleep in Christ shall arise in the resurrection. Those bodies which sleep in the earth shall be glorified. And we which are alive shall be changed, glorified in a moment, and caught up to meet the Lord in the air. "SO SHALL WE EVER BE WITH THE LORD!" We are waiting for and anticipating eternal glory Therefore we will not sorrow as others which have no hope.