eph 05v21 Submitting Yourselves



Ephesians 5:21

Every true child of God has been, to one degree or another, brought into submission. Submission, not rebellion, not pride, not self-assertion, is the character of God's elect. First and foremost a believer is humbled into submission to the Lord. We submit to his righteousness revealed in the gospel. We submit to his Word. We submit to God's providence and his will. This submission is not just a disgruntle helplessness. It is a heart willing to bow down before the Lord.

And if a man submits himself to God he will demonstrate submission in other areas of life. He will submit to the civil magistrate and to those in authority over him. A believing woman is submissive to her own husband as to the Lord. A believing child is submissive to its parents. And in our text, Paul tells us that those who walk in the Spirit, those who are born again, are to submit themselves one to another in the fear of God.

            The point is this, when God saves a rebel he breaks his will and brings him into submission. Have you experienced this submission?