"Grieve Not The Holy Spirit Of God"    

Ephesians 4:30


     How the Spirit of God must love us! Only one who loves us can be grieved by us. Others are angered, offended, and antagonized by our acts of evil. One who loves us is grieved. The blessed Holy Spirit has sealed us as the objects of his love in eternal election, sealed us in life in regeneration, and sealed us unto the day of our resurrection. He lives within us. He guides us.He teaches us. He reveals Christ to us.And he comforts us. Let us take great care not to grieve him.

     "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth." By "corrupt communication" Paul means more than cursing. Many, who would never soil their lips with an oath, have mouths full of "corrupt communication", by which the Spirit of God is grieved. What is this "corrupt communication"? The Apostle tells us in verse thirty-one. It is words of "bitterness". It is speech that arises from bitter feelings, speech that is intended to hurt. Bitterness of speech is unbecoming in anyone. But for God's children to speak bitterly of one another is horrid! Bitterness always arises from pride and jealousy. "Corrupt communication" is the language of "wrath", the heat of jealousy and bitterness, and "anger", feelings of ill-will toward another, vengeance, and inward desire to damage, hurt, and kill. Murder is the result of anger unrestrained by law. "Corrupt communication" is the result of anger restrained (outwardly) by law. It is the root of all "clamour", fighting, brawling, contentiousness, and strife. This "corrupt communication" is "evil speaking", slander, gossip, reproach. Let these things be "put away from you, with all malice." These things are sinful, carnal, corrupt. They arise from the flesh. They dishonor Christ. They grieve the Holy Spirit. They disrupt the fellowship of the saints. They hinder the cause of Christ. God forbid that we engage in such evil! Let us rather speak "that which is good to the use of edifying...and be kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." If we cannot speak good of one another, let us speak nothing!


Don Fortner