eph 04v20 Ye Have Not So Learned Christ


"YE HAVE  NOT SO LEARNED CHRIST"            Ephesians 4:20

                I hear men say that preaching the doctrines of grace will lead men to antinomianism, that those who constantly hear the message of Christ and him crucified will become lascivious and licentious. Therefore, we are told that we must preach the law to men, keeping the people of God under the bondage of rules and regulations. To such legalists, Paul says, No, we will not bring the people of God under the yoke of bondage again. Let others live as they will, abusing the gospel of God's grace. "But ye have not so learned Christ." The gospel of the grace of God, when it is truly learned in the heart, does not make men antinomians. Those who truly know Christ love Christ. Because we love Christ we desire to honor him, walk in his will, serve his people, and be conformed to him. It is the gospel that taught us to love Christ; and it is the gospel that teaches us how to live for Christ. If you need the law to make you do what you would really prefer not to do, you simply have not yet learned Christ.