Questions About The Church     

Ephesians 3:21


     God's glory in this world has always been associated with and revealed in the salvation of his church. That being true, we will be wise to identify ourselves with and seek to know everything we can about the church of God.

     WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF THE CHURCH? Some say the church began with Paul, others with Peter, and others with John the Baptist. They are all wrong. The church of God did not begin with man, but with God. The origin of God's church is God's eternal, electing love and sovereign grace (Psa. 78:68-69).

     WHAT IS THE HISTORY OF GOD'S CHURCH? Read Psalm 87, and you will see that it is a history of "glorious  things." Our history is written in providence, with the redeeming blood of Christ, by the hand of God's almighty grace.

     WHO IS THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH? Christ alone is the Head of his church (Ps. 99:1-2; Eph. 1:22). Neither the pastor, nor elders, nor deacons, nor the people rule God's church. Christ rules in his house, by his Spirit, through his Word.

     WHAT IS THE CHARTER OF GOD'S CHURCH? Our charter is freedom (Gal. 4:26). Ours is not a charter written by men, but by the Spirit of God. In Christ we are freed from the dominion of sin, the power of satan, the course of the world and the yoke of the law.

     WHAT IS THE LAW OF THE CHURCH? The church is the kingdom of Christ. And every kingdom must have laws. The law of Christ's kingdom is holiness (Ezek. 43:10-12), faith and love (I John 3:23).

     WHAT IS THE TREASURE OF GOD'S CHURCH? "The unsearchable riches of Christ" (Eph. 3:8). Our treasure is our Redeemer: His Person, performances, position, possessions, promises and power.

     WHAT IS THE SECURITY OF THE CHURCH? The walls, bulwarks and towers of our security are our God (Psa. 48:12-14), the purpose of God, the purchase of Christ, and the power of the Spirit.

     WHAT IS THE DESTINY OF GOD'S CHURCH? The sure, eternal destiny of the church is heavenly glory (Eph.5: 25-27). The way may be rough and long,but in the end we shall be with Christ and like Christ forever!What he is we shall be. What he possesses we shall have. "Glorious things of thee are spoken, Zion, city of our God!"


Don Fortner