"Without Christ!"      

Ephesians 2:12


     Are you yet without Christ? How I pity you. My heart aches for you. You are yet under the wrath of God. Your sin is yet upon you. Unforgiven, lost, dying, you live without hope. Soon you will meet God in judgment, without righteousness, without atonement, because you are without Christ; and you will be without excuse. You have heard the gospel. You know that the only way of access to God is by the blood and righteousness of Christ. You know that God saves all who call upon him in faith. God himself calls you to trust his dear Son. Yet, you refuse to obey the gospel call. You refuse to bow to Christ as your Lord. You not only neglect your soul and neglect God's great salvation, you despise the Son of God and tread His blood under your feet as though it were nothing! Dare you breathe God's air while despising his Son? I urge you, once more to come to Christ. Trust him now. Bow to him now. Live no longer without Christ! "Today, if you will hear his voice, harden not your heart!"



Don Fortner