Eternal Justification and Acceptation in Christ

Ephesians 1:3-6


The Scriptures declare that God’s elect were “accepted in the Beloved” and “blessed with all spiritual blessings” in him “before the foundation of the world.” Were we accepted and blessed in and with Christ from eternity as righteous or as unrighteous? The obvious answer is the only answer: — as righteous. In 1647 Samuel Richardson declared the same sweet revelation of the gospel…


“Some place justification to be only in the conscience. But we place it only in Christ where it is, and to whom it belongs. Justification consists in taking away of sin. None but Christ can do that. Justification and acceptation are one. For without justification there is no acceptation. And seeing we are accepted in Christ, we are justified in him. If our justification be a spiritual blessing, (as it is) then it is in Christ where all spiritual blessings are, "Blessed be God, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Christ," Eph. 1:3. Where our redemption and righteousness are, there is our justification. Righteousness and justification are one. This we have not in our selves but in Christ, "who is made unto us of God, wisdom and righteousness," 1 Cor. 1:30. "In whom we have redemption," Col. 1:14. Our justification is a part of our completeness. Therefore, where we are complete there we are justified. But we are not complete in our selves, but in Him, Col. 2:10.”


Blessed, sweet revelation of grace. — Our Lord Jesus Christ is “The Lord Our Righteousness” eternally! — “Accepted in the Beloved!” What a sweet, soul-cheering declaration of grace. Though I am in and of myself nothing but sin, I am accepted in Christ. — Accepted in Christ before the world was made! — Accepted in Christ, though fallen in Adam! — Accepted in Christ before ever I heard his voice! — Accepted in Christ when he called me by his grace! — Accepted in Christ though often in darkness because of my own sin and unbelief! — Accepted in Christ immutably and forever!


I’m accepted! I’m accepted! I’m accepted in God’s Son!

Justified, pardoned, accepted — Holy as the Holy One!

Blest of God with every blessing, long before the world began!

Loved of God and one with Jesus, who can charge my soul with sin?


Heir of God, joint-heir with Jesus, heaven’s gates I’ll enter in!

Face to face, I’ll see my Savior, He Who put away my sin!

Lamb of God, eternal Savior, I will ever praise Your name!

Worthy, worthy, worthy ever is the Lamb for sinners slain!


See Him yonder, high exalted, King and Priest upon His throne!

Reign, almighty King, forever! Everywhere, Your will be done.

When is finished all the purpose of our God, the Three-in-One,

All Your saints will bow before You, casting at Your feet their crowns.