"Walk According To This Rule"        

Galatians 6:16


     If you seek holiness by the law, remember you must be perfect or you must perish (Gal. 3:10). The law is perfect. It makes no allowances for weakness, infirmity, or blemish. It is perfect. It demands perfect love to God,perfect love to your fellow man,and perfect obedience in thought,word, deed, and attitude. Make the law your rule of life if you dare.Read it.Meditate upon it. If you live under its terror,you must die by its curse. As for me,I pray that God will ever keep me dead to the law and alive to him by faith in Christ. The law is not a rule of life.It is a rule of death.The law is not the strength of holiness, but "the strength of sin" (I Cor. 15:56). Let the legalist perform his duties. I will plead my privileges. Let him work hard as an industrious servant under the yoke of bondage; by the grace of God, I will seek to be an obedient son. Let the terrified slave dread his Master; I will endeavor to honor my heavenly Father. "But do you have no rule of life?", you ask. Indeed, I do. It is the rule of the cross. Mercy, grace, and peace is upon all who "walk according to this rule," for they are "the Israel of God."


Don Fortner