Why Was The Law Given          

Galatians 3:19


     We know that the law of God cannot redeem, justify, or sanctify guilty sinners (Rom. 3:28). And we know that the law was never intended to be a rule of life for God's children in this world (I Tim. 1:8-9). The law can in no way effect God in the fulfillment of his covenant mercies. It cannot cause God to bestow his grace, or prevent God from bestowing his grace. God's covenant people shall obtain all the mercies revealed and promised in the covenant, because the covenant was made long before the law was given (Gal. 4:17). If the law cannot save us, sanctify us, govern us, or in anyway nullify the covenant promises, what is the purpose of the law? That is the question Paul answers in Galatians 3:19-25. He tells us that the law was added "because of transgressions," to rule over and restrain wicked men until God fulfilled his covenant mercy in bringing them to Christ.

     First, and foremost, God gave the law at Sinai to convince wicked men and women of their guilt and sin (Rom. 7:7; 5:20; 3:19). "Sin is the transgression of the law." Do you hear and understand what the law says? Read the commandments. The ten commandments is not a list of moral ethics, a code of conduct, or a rule of life. It is an indictment of justice! It is a sentence of eternal death and everlasting condemnation. "Tell me, ye that desire to be under the law, do ye not hear the law?" Any man who ever hears what the law says will seek a place of refuge from this august, holy Lord God, and seek a Mediator to deal with God on his behalf (Ex. 20:1-21). To break the law in one point, only one time, is enough to damn us forever. But we have broken the law in every point and violated every command, from our youth up! The law can never cleanse. It only condemns. The law can never save. It only slays. The law can never give peace. It only punishes. Only Christ can cleanse. Only Christ can save. Only Christ can give peace through the pardon of sin.


Don Fortner