Limited Atonement--

Galatians 3:13

We believe, according to the Scriptures, that the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished the redemption of Godís elect when he died as our Substitute under the wrath of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ actually obtained eternal redemption for us by the merit, power, and efficacy of his shed blood (Heb. 9:12). He did not just make redemption a possibility. He effectually obtained it for his people. The Son of God redeemed us from the curse of the law by the sacrifice of himself (Gal. 3:13). Yes, by the blood of his cross, the Lamb of God actually delivered all those for whom he died from the curse of the law. He actually took away all the sins of his elect throughout all the world. The Lord of glory came down here in human flesh to put away sin by satisfying divine justice as our Substitute, and he did it (Heb. 9:26). Again, he did not merely provide for sin to be put away. He actually put away our sins by the sacrifice of himself.

We believe, according to the testimony of God, that Christís precious blood fully paid our debt, completely satisfied the justice of God, and effectually put away all our sins forever. This is the obvious doctrine of Holy Scripture.

We believe, according to the writings of Inspiration, that all for whom Christ died shall be with him in glory. Yes, we believe that grand, old, glorious, gospel doctrine called Limited Atonement; and we believe it to be a doctrine of the gospel that is absolutely vital to the gospel!

We should never be shy about stating the glorious, God-honoring doctrine of limited atonement in a futile effort to appease the wrath of reprobate rebels who will not bow to the authority of Holy Scripture.

All religious people hold to some form of limited atonement, all except those who teach that everyone is going to be saved in the end (Some do teach such nonsense!). The Arminian, the free-willer, the works-monger, believes that there is a limit to the merit, power, and efficacy of Christís blood. He believes that Christ died for all Adamís race without exception. --That some will be in hell whose sins Christ bore at Calvary!ĖThat the blood of Christ accomplished nothing by itself! Such blasphemy is utter heresy, as damning to the souls of men as Mariolatry!

We believe, according to the universal testimony of Holy Scripture, that there is a limit to the design, intention, scope, and purpose of God in the atonement. There is not even a hint of universal redemption in the Word of God. Read and interpreted contextually, there is not the slightest implication of the heretical doctrine that Christ died to redeem and save those who perish under the wrath of God in hell. That Limited Atonement is the doctrine of the Bible is a point all who read the Book of God with honesty must acknowledge. It is not a debatable issue.

Limited atonement does not mean that the power, merit, and efficacy of Christís blood is limited. Limited atonement means that Christ died for and effectually redeemed a limited number of sinners by his blood atonement, a great number which no man can number, but a limited number -- GODíS ELECT! -- THOSE WHO ARE ACTUALLY REDEEMED BY HIS BLOOD!

Don Fortner