gal 03v13 Christ Hath Redeemed Us




Galatians 3:13


With those four words Paul states the whole doctrine of redemption as it is revealed in the New Testament. CHRIST ALONE is our Redeemer. Christ bore our sins. Christ endured the wrath of God. Christ satisfied the claims of justice against us, as our Substitute. The work of redemption was FULLY ACCOMPLISHED. “Christ ‘HATH’ redeemed us.” Nothing is left to be done by us. Christ has done all. The blood of Christ poured out in death for the atonement of sin accomplished an EFFECTUAL REDEMPTION. "Christ 'HATH REDEEMED' us." Our Lord did not provide for redemption or made redemption a possibility for all men, leaving it into the hands of man’s free-will to comply with his work and make it effectual. Redemption was performed by Christ alone. Redemption was accomplished at Calvary. And that redemption accomplished at Calvary was an effectual atonement for sin.

                The Apostle Paul also makes it plain that the benefits of Christ's atonement are DESIGNED FOR AND LIMITED TO GOD'S ELECT. "Christ hath redeemed 'US'." God plainly says, regarding the death of his Son, "for the transgression of my people was he stricken" (Isa. 53:8). THE BIBLE NOWHERE STATES, NOR DOES IT ANYWHERE IMPLY THAT THE LORD JESUS CHRIST SHED HIS BLOOD AND DIED TO REDEEM ALL MEN FROM THE CURSE OF THE LAW. I do not believe that doctrine which says that, Judas was redeemed by Christ. It is not possible that our Lord died as a Substitute in Judas' place, bearing the curse of the law for him. Any who embrace such a doctrine must also embrace one of three absurd and blasphemous conclusions: (1) Either Judas is in heaven, which is to deny the Word of God; or (2) Christ failed to redeem the ones for whom he died and failed in his work of redemption as the sinner's Substitute; or (3) The justice of God has fallen to the ground, for if God punishes both the sinner and the sinner's Substitute for the same offense he would mock his own justice. This is the doctrine of Scripture: "CHRIST HATH REDEEMED US!" - All God's elect, all who believe.