gal 02v05 To Whom We Gave No Place By Subjection




Galatians 2:5


In the early days of the church there were some self-appointed, free-lance preachers who came from Jerusalem to Antioch, perverting the gospel of Christ and subverting the souls of men. They were preaching the law of Moses, telling God's people that faith in Christ is not sufficient; you must also keep the law of Moses. Paul and Barnabas refused to tolerate their heresy. Paul calls these legalists "false brethren" and "spies". His choice of terms was not accidental. Usually, those who preach and promote the law of Moses spend a great deal of time spying on others, so that they may bolster their own claims to "righteousness" by setting in judgment upon others.

                Paul shows us by his example that THE SPIRIT AND DOCTRINES OF LEGALISM MUST NOT BE TOLERATED BY THE PEOPLE OF GOD. It matters not whether men preach the law of Moses as a basis for justification, as the measure of sanctification, as a rule of life, as a motive for Christian service, or as the grounds of reward in heaven, ALL PREACHING OF LAW WORKS IS AN INTOLERABLE EVIL.

                Let no one confuse the issue. The issue is not godliness or ungodliness of life. The issue is not what the believer does, or how the believer lives in this world. THE ISSUE IS THE MOTIVE AND ATTITUDE OF THE HEART. The legalist is motivated by fear. The believer is motivated by love. The legalist hopes to be rewarded for his work. The believer hopes to honor God in his work. All law service is looked upon and performed as a matter of duty. Prayer, Bible reading, attendance at public worship, and tithing always have an element of either the fear of punishment or the promise of reward, as they are performed by the legalist. The believer prays because his heart longs to commune with God, reads the Word because he wants to know God, attends worship because he desires to hear from God, and gives because he loves God. The service and work of love is considered a privilege by the one who performs it. And you can be sure of this: GOD WILL NEVER ACCEPT ANYTHING EXCEPT THAT WHICH IS DONE WITH A WILLING HEART (II Cor. 8:12).