The Blasphemies Of Universal Redemption (2)

Gal 1:6-9

The notion of universal atonement is as blasphemous as it is unscriptural, because IT REDUCES THE WISDOM OF GOD TO FOOLISHNESS. We worship and serve the all-wise, omniscient Lord God, wonderful in counsel and infinite in knowledge. But where is the wisdom of forming a plan for the salvation of a people whom he knew would never be saved? Where is the wisdom of God in sacrificing his darling Son for people who were already in hell when he made the sacrifice? That is not the wisdom of God which Paul describes and glories in as he declares the everlasting purpose of God toward his elect in the Book of Romans (Rom. 8:28-39; 11:33-36).

Universal redemption is A DENIAL OF THE JUSTICE OF GOD. According to the Word of God, redemption is primarily and act of divine justice (Psa. 85:8-13; Pro. 16:6; Isa. 45:20-21; Rom. 3:24-26). If Christ was punished for my sins and I must also bear the punishment for them, the justice of God is gone! However, by the revelation of God in the gospel, we learn that the justice of God gives us as much hope as the grace of God. Justice satisfied demands the release of those for whom satisfaction has been made.

From whence this fear and unbelief? Has not the Father put to grief

His darling Son for me?

And can the righteous Judge of men Condemn me for that debt of sin

Charged to my great Surety?


Complete atonement Christ has made And to Godís utmost justice paid

All that His people owed.

Payment God cannot twice demand, First at my bleeding Suretyís hand,

And then again at mine!

Those who preach universal redemption blaspheme God in their preaching by REDUCING THE OMNIPOTENCE OF ALMIGHTY GOD TO IMPOTENCE WEAKER THAN THE WILL OF MAN! Isaiah declares that the Lordís arm is not short that it cannot save. But the Arminian tells us plainly that God cannot save multitudes for whom Christ died because, though it is his will to do so, they will not let him save them!

Those who preach universal atonement blaspheme God by ASSERTING THAT THE IMMUTABLE GOD IS, AFTER ALL, FICKLE, MUTABLE, AND CHANGEABLE. We are told that God loves all men now while they live on the earth, but that he will cease to love them when they die and cast them into hell! Does that sound like God to you? Oh no! Our God changes not! Read Malachi 3:6, Job 23:13, and James 1:17.

I lay the charge of blasphemy against all who teach that Christ died for all, even for those who perish in hell, because IT ROBS GOD OF HIS GLORY IN SALVATION. The primary aim of the Triune God in saving sinners is his own great glory (Eph. 1:3-14). But these men tell us that man has every reason to boast because it is he, not God, who makes him to differ from others! Whereas, Holy Scripture makes the difference between the saved and the damned to be a difference made by Godís distinguishing grace alone.

Don Fortner