Satan-A Roaring Lion And A Subtle Serpent 

2 Cor. 11:3



Picture a man who suddenly leaps in front of you without warning from a dark alley. He has a machine gun in his hands, ammunition belts over his shoulders, a crazed look of insanity in his eye and anger is written on his brow. Then picture another man. He is gentle. His words are kind. He is well-dressed and peaceful. You have known him all your life. There is nothing about him to arouse suspicion. But unknown to you, that man is secretly plotting your assassination. He carries in his pocket a vial of arsenic with which he has been secretly poisoning your food and water, a little at a time, for years. Which of these two men is more frightening? Obviously, the first one. Which of the two is more dangerous? Without question, the second. The first man frightens you, because he appears suddenly with the obvious intent to do you harm. But when he appears, you immediately prepare to defend yourself. The second man does not scare you at all. You think he is a friend. He is a frequent guest in your home. You feel no need to defend yourself from him. But he is gradually, subtly killing you. And you are totally unaware of it. That makes him far more dangerous.

     A few weeks ago one of our couples attended a fun- eral of a family member. They were shocked to discover that the dead woman had been a member of a satanic cult. She was literally a worshipper of the devil. They came home horrified! Who would not be? But I told them then, as I am telling you now, such wild, obviously in- sane, religious cults are not as dangerous to the souls of men as the free-will,works religion of our day.Some- times satan appears in the horrible clothes of the occult,like a mad,roaring lion. But usually he does his work quietly,like a subtle serpent,through false,free- will, works religion. He transforms himself into an angel of light and makes his ministers to be ministers of righteousness. For every preacher of satanism, the devil has ten thousand preachers of self-righteousness.

     Now hear the warning that I give. It does not matter how satan destroys your soul. If he cannot make you openly avow your allegiance to him, he will be delighted to take you to hell worshipping at the altar of your own free-will, trusting the merits of your own works. He will even be happy for you to do so in the name of Christ.


Don Fortner