“For Us”                                       

2 Corinthians 5:21

Contrary to the popular, heretical opinion of the religious world, the Son of God was not made to be sin for everyone. He was made to be sin “for us.” Who are those people for whom the Lord Jesus Christ was made to be sin? That question is answered in many ways in the Word of God. Yet, all the answers given describe one specific category of people. They all describe God’s elect. Christ was made to be sin for ungodly, helpless sinners (Rom. 5:6-8). He was made to be sin for his sheep (John 10:11). He was made to be sin for his church (Eph. 5:25-27). The Lord Jesus was made to be sin for those for whom he prayed in John 17 (See verses 9 and 20). In Hebrews 2:9-18, the Spirit of God tells us that the Lord Jesus was made to be sin and “tasted death for every man” whom he calls brother, “every man” numbered among his children, “every man” of Abraham’s seed, and “every man” he will bring to glory. Another way of saying that Christ was made to be sin and died for his elect is to assert that he was made to be sin for all who believe. The “us” for whom Christ died are all true believers. Our faith in him is the fruit and evidence of the fact that he died for us (Heb. 11:1). What are the results of this mighty substitutionary Sacrifice? There are some sure, inevitable results arising from Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice. Nothing was left to chance, or to the free-will of men. He who died at Calvary died for a specific purpose, to achieve specific results; and he will see his purpose accomplished (Isa. 53:10-12). Should he fail to achieve even one of those purposes for which he died, for even one of those sinners for whom he died, then he is not the Christ of God, and we are yet in our sins (Isa:42:4). Justice was satisfied. All the wrath, condemnation, pain, and agony required by the law and justice of God for sin was fully endured by Christ. Sin was removed. The law released its claim upon God’s elect. The righteousness of God was made ours. These things were accomplished on the spot; and other things were guaranteed by the death of Christ. The death of Christ guarantees that every believer will be made perfectly righteous. The death of Christ guarantees the eternal salvation of all God’s elect. The death of Christ guarantees that every soul for whom he died will enter into eternal glory. If the Lord Jesus Chris was made to be sin for us, if the Lord of glory died for us, we ought to willingly, constantly, and completely consecrate ourselves to him (Rom. 12:1-2; 1 Cor. 6:19-20). Nothing else makes any sense at all. Half-heartedness toward Christ is simply incomprehensible! Even with a knowledge of my horrible depravity and sin, I simply cannot understand how a blood-bought sinner can be so indifferent to his Redeemer as I am!


Don Fortner