"We look not at things which are seen, but at things Which are not seen: for the things which are seem are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." II Corinthians 4:18


Eternity is a Subject about which the wisest man can only know a little. It is a subject which we must approach with our Bibles in our hands. Let us seek to know what is written about eternity. What does the Scripture say. Only those who are enabled to see the sobering truth of eternity can live in a proper relation to this time world. Let me give you four statements which I picked up from an old writer, that will help you to live in the awareness of eternity.

1.  We Live In A World Where All Things Are Temporal And Passing Away.

That man must be blind indeed who cannot see this. Everything around us is decaying, dying, and coming to an end.

2. We Are All Going To A World Where Everything Is Eternal.

That great unseen world that lies beyond the grave is eternal. Whether it is happy or miserable, joyful or sorrowful, it will never end. The bliss of heaven is eternal, and the torments of hell are eternal.

3. Our State In The Unseen World Of Eternity Depends On What We Are In Time.

If we are the sons of God here, relying upon the merits of Christ as our only hope of salvation, we "shall be the sons of God eternally, living in the glory of Christ. If we are Children of wrath here, rejecting Christ, we shall be the children of wrath forever, rejected by Christ.

4. Jesus Christ Is The Great Friend To Whom We Must Turn For Life And Help. Both For Time And Eternity. Jesus Christ alone can save your soul and present you faultless before, the throne of glory. You must trust him now, and live forever, or you shall forever die.

Don Fortner