ďA Door Was OpenedĒ††††

2 Corinthians 2:12

††††††††††† For reasons known only to him, the Lord has been pleased to give this assembly the privilege and responsibility of an ever increasing worldwide ministry. He has graciously opened numerous doors of utterance for the gospel before us. It is our honor to assist in the support of six missionary families. Several small groups who have no pastor or regularly established church meet to watch our video tapes each Lordís day. Bro. Ron Wood preaches each week at the local rest home. Our television broadcast is aired each Sunday morning at 8:00 locally and in Rochester, NY at 9:00 AM. We are mailing an average of 450 cassettes, 70 videos, 800 copies of The Grace Bulletin, and numerous tracts out each month. The pastors books are widely distributed. His sermons and tracts are being transcribed and translated for distribution in Spanish and Polish. And just this week a Romanian friend has requested that we supply him with tapes for copy and distribution among those who speak English in Romania. I commend your faithful generosity in providing for these ministries. I urge you to remember these things, and the ministries of our missionaries and faithful brethren around the world in prayer. Let us never forget these three things:

1.      No congregation or pastor is more undeserving of these privileges than we are.

2.      God who has opened these doors of ministry before us can close them as quickly and easily as he has opened them.

3.      All that we do is vain and will profit nothing for the souls of men, the glory of God, or the furtherance of the gospel without the blessings of God the Holy Spirit.

Don Fortner