2co 01v30 31 Christ Our Glory





II Corinthians 1:30-31


Brethren, the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, his person and work, is the salt and savor of every true gospel ministry. We cannot make too much of Christ.

                It is a great pity that in so many places of worship there is a great lack of the soul satisfying doctrine of Christ. It is always safe to preach Christ, and all the truth about him. We may freely preach Christ to men without limitation. You may be sure that the more he is honored, exalted, and extolled the better. Paul felt that there was no surer way to correct the divisions at Corinth than to gather the brethren there around Christ, the church's unifying Head. Their heresies could not be more effectually settled than by leading them to worship Christ in all his saving fulness. Therefore, he sets up one object around which all believers may gather - Christ Our glory.

                He shows us that OUR SPIRITUAL LIFE IS ALTOGETHER OF GRACE. "Of him are ye in Christ Jesus."

                We are in Christ by the decree of God in eternal election. And we are in Christ by the power of God in regeneration. This is Christianity - We are in Christ. To have Christ is to have life eternal. To be without Christ is to be lost, under the sentence of death.

Then Paul tells us that JESUS CHRIST IS THE COMPLETE AND PERFECT SALVATION OF ALL BELIEVERS. He is our wisdom. Those who have Christ have the very wisdom of God. In ourselves we are ignorant. But Christ our Prophet makes us wise. Christ is our righteousness. In Christ we are actually made righteous. God not only pardons our sins, he has made us righteous, imputing to us the righteousness of his Son. Christ is our sanctification. It is Jesus Christ who sanctifies us, not the law. We are sanctified by faith, trusting the merits of Christ. And Christ is our redemption. We were redeemed by his blood at Calvary. We are redeemed by his power in time. And we shall be redeemed from the grave at the resurrection.