"What Is That To Thee?" 

John 21:22


We would all be wise to learn that every man stands or falls before his own Master. We do not have the right or the ability to set in judgment over those who belong to Christ alone (Rom. 14:4). If God receives a person, who am I to reject him? If God uses a man, who am I to despise him? Peace, harmony, fellowship, and usefulness is lost when we set ourselves up as judges of one another.

After graciously restoring Peter from his terrible fall, the Lord Jesus told him that he would, in the end, glorify God by dying as a martyr for him. Then he said, "Follow me." That was Peter's responsibility. He had no other legitimate concern, except to follow his Master; but Peter was not content. He pointed to John, and said, "Lord, and what shall this man do?" As if to say, "How will John die? How will he glorify God? What shall he do?" The Lord Jesus answered by telling Peter that what John did was none of his business - "What is that to thee? Follow thou me!"

WE MUST NOT CONCERN OURSELVES WITH HOW OTHER BELIEVERS SERVE THEIR MASTER. We must make the presumption that any who trust Christ will follow him and serve him with the gifts, abilities, and opportunities he gives them. Whether they do or not should have no affect upon us. We must follow our Master. We must each serve him with the gifts he has given us.

PREACHERS MUST NOT SIT IN JUDGMENT OVER, OR SEEK TO CONTROL THE MINISTRIES OF OTHER GOSPEL PREACHERS. The Lord Jesus holds the angels of the churches in his hands (Rev. 1:20). He puts them where he wants them and uses them as he sees fit. They are not answerable to me, to you, or to any ecclesiastical board. Missionaries, pastors, evangelists, etc. whom we support financially or by association must be left free to serve the cause of Christ as they are led by the Spirit of Christ without interference from us. Let us never become censorious of any man who is faithfully preaching the gospel of Christ, but always supportive.

OUR MASTER'S WORD TO EACH OF US IS - "FOLLOW THOU ME!" I find that I have a full time job trying to keep myself in line. I pray for and try to assist others as they serve Christ; but I must never try to control them. My control would only be a hindrance!


Don Fortner