"Follow Me"             

John 21:19


     Our primary responsibility in life is to follow Christ. The all consuming business of your life and mine is to follow Christ. We live in vain if we do not live for Christ. Indeed, it were better for us never to have been born than that we should live and die without Christ.

     THIS IS THE COMMANDMENT OF THE GOSPEL. Many today try to separate salvation from discipleship. They suggest that there may be faith in Christ without following Christ in obedience. But that is not so. In Bible terms, to believe on Christ is to follow Christ (Matt. 4:18-22; 16:24-26; 19:20-22). To be saved is to follow Christ as my Lord. As Rolfe Barnard said, "Faith is not belief; faith is belief turned into action." God commands every sinner, by the gospel, to follow Christ.

     THIS IS ALSO THE CHARACTER OF FAITH. Faith follows Christ. Having been washed in Christ's precious blood, robed with his righteousness, and born again by his Holy Spirit, our Master's word to us is, "Follow me." When sin is pardoned and salvation is secure, the one thing we must do is follow Christ. "The one thing we are to aim at is to tread in Christ's footsteps, to do what he did; and, as far as he is imitable by us, to do it as he did it, and to be as he was in the midst of the sons and daughters of men" (C.H. Spurgeon). A disciple is one who learns to live as his teacher lives. Discipleship is more than getting to know what the teacher teaches. It is getting to be what the teacher is. And christianity is more than believing the doctrines of Christ. Christianity is following Christ. It is seeking to mold my life after Christ. If I am a child of God, I am not a follower of Calvin, Gill, Spurgeon, or any other mere man. I am a follower of Christ. I seek to mold my doctrine, my thoughts, my words, my character, and my deeds after the example of Christ. Christ himself is the rule and pattern of my life (John 13:15; I Pet. 2:21).

     AND THIS IS THE PROMISE OF GRACE. Our Savior has gone home to heaven. And to all who follow him upon earth he promises, "Thou shalt follow me afterwards" (John 13:36). Follow Christ, and you will never walk in darkness, and you will never walk alone.


Don Fortner