If Christ refused to pray for everyone, did He die for everyone?

John 19:9


Think about that. Religious people everywhere declare that “God loves all men, Christ died for all men, and the Holy Spirit is striving to save all men?” But could it be that those things are not so? If you will examine the Word of God, you will discover that none of those things are so.


God does not love all people (Romans 9:13). If He did, no one would go to hell. Christ does not pray for all men (John 17:9, 20). If He did, none would perish. He did not die for all men (Isaiah 53:8). If He did, none would be required to suffer for their sins. The Holy Spirit is not trying to save all sinners (Acts 16:6). If He were, all would be saved!


Think! Don’t blindly accept the traditions and doctrines of men. Your soul is at stake! The glory of God is at stake! If Christ died for the sins of all men, then none can be lost and all the sins of all men must be forgiven, or Christ is a failure! That cannot be (Isaiah 42:4). The Lord Jesus Christ did not merely make a stab at redeeming His people, He redeemed them (Galatians 3:13). His blood was not shed in vain. Justice, being satisfied, demands that all for whom atonement has been made must be saved.








Don Fortner



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