The Conviction Of Judgment        

John 16:11


     Looking upon my own heart, in the light of God's Word, I am thoroughly convinced of my own depravity, quilt and sin before God. I know that I deserve his infinite wrath. Looking upon that Man in heaven who is God, who once was made to be sin for sinful man and is now freed from sin, I am thoroughly convinced that his righteousness is infinitely meritorious and sufficient to give all who trust him eternal, immutable acceptance with the holy God. And looking upon Christ's conquest over satan by his death upon the cursed tree, I am thoroughly convinced of judgment. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. When he saves a sinner he convinces him of sin, righteousness and judgment. This conviction of judgment is threefold.

     GOD WILL JUDGE ALL SIN (Acts 17:31). As the Lord God judged satan for sin, casting him out of heaven, binding him by the cross of Christ, and sentencing him to everlasting destruction in hell, so he will judge the sins of all men and women in the last day. None shall escape the justice and wrath of almighty God. "The soul that sinneth, it shall die!"

     GOD'S JUDGMENT OF MEN FOR SIN IS JUST. Sin is more than an act. It is a principle of enmity against God in the heart of every man. It is treason against the King of heaven and malice against our Creator. It is an infinite evil. The goodness and justice of God demand that wickedness be put out of the earth and that sinners be punished with everlasting destruction (Psa. 11:4-7). Should God punish me forever in hell, he is perfectly just to do so. Should he punish you forever in hell, he is just. We deserve eternal damnation.

     HOWEVER, FOR GOD'S ELECT JUDGMENT IS OVER! The Lord God judged our sins in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He made his dear Son to be sin for us and punished us for sin, to the full satisfaction of justice in his darling Son. The proof that judgment is over for the believer is the fact that Christ has taken satan into captivity, delivering us from the fear of death (Heb. 2:15).

     If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you have nothing to fear from God, his law, or his justice. Your sins are forever forgiven. You have been made perfectly righteous in Christ. You are complete in him. And for you judgment is over.


Don Fortner