joh 16v08 He Will Reprove The World of Sin



John 16:8


When God the Holy Spirit comes to a man's heart in saving power and grace, this is the first thing he does - HE REPROVES, CONVINCES, AND CONVICTS THE SINNER THAT HE IS A SINNER, DESERVING ETERNAL DAMNATION. Where there is no Holy Spirit conviction of sin, there is no saving faith in Christ. When a man experiences real conviction of sin, he will take sides with God against himself, justifying God in his own condemnation (Ps. 51:4-5). The Spirit of God so thoroughly convinces a man of his sinfulness that he gladly takes his place with the publican and cries, "God be merciful to me, I am the sinner". He convinces us of THE FACT OF SIN. We have sinned against God. In our father Adam we rebelled against God, we were born with hearts of rebellion and sin, and we have chosen the path of rebellion against God, We are all sinners by nature, sinners at heart, sinners by choice, and sinners by deed. The Holy Spirit convinces us of THE FAULT OF SIN. Our sin is much more than an act of evil against man. Sin is an affront to God. It is an attack upon the throne of God. It is a denial of God's right to be God. Sin is a monstrous attempt to rape God, to rob him of his dignity and glory as God. "Against thee, thee only have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight." In conviction, the Holy Spirit convinces us of THE FOLLY OF SIN. It is the most foolish thing in the world that a man should sin against God. Sin is utter madness. What fool will dare to stand against the Almighty? God the Holy Spirit convinces us of THE FILTH OF SIN. He shows us that sin has made us loathsome and obnoxious in the sight of God. It has rendered both me and all that I do unacceptable to a holy God. The Spirit of God convinces us of THE FOUNTAIN OF SIN. Sin arises from our own evil hearts. Sin is not so much what we do as it is what we are. Because man's heart is a fountain of evil, it brings forth nothing but corruption, vileness, and sin. And the Holy Spirit convinces us of THE FRUIT OF SIN. "The wages of sin is death." The just reward of my sin is eternal damnation.