Does The Bible Teach The Doctrine Of Election?

John 15:16

            If the Bible teaches it, believers bow to it, believe it, and rejoice in it. We do not have and do not want to have the option of believing what we want to believe. We believe God. If the Word of God teaches this doctrine, it matters not who opposes it, all believers bow to it. If God does not teach this doctrine in his Word, then we must reject it and denounce it, no matter who believes it, no matter who teaches it.

            I ask only that you read the Word of God. Let God speak for himself. Let God be true, and every man a liar. This is the question - Does the Bible teach election? Because we are, of necessity, limited by space, I will not attempt to show you how fully this doctrine is taught in the Old Testament, though it is written upon every page of it. Adam had two sons. God chose one and passed by the other. There were untold millions in the earth in Noah’s day; but Noah alone found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Abraham had two sons. God chose one and passed by the other. God chose the nation of Israel to be his peculiar people, and passed by all the other nations of the world. God gave his law to Israel alone, sent his prophets (with rare exception) to Israel alone, and established his worship in Israel alone. However, I refer you only to the New Testament at this time for this brief study. Please observe the fact that I have selected only those passages of Scripture where the very words elect, elected, election, chosen, and ordained are used. I deliberately left out those numerous texts where the doctrine of election is only, by necessity, implied. In these texts it is plainly stated by Divine inspiration! Read and mark each reference carefully.

    Matthew 24:24         Matthew 24:31                          Mark 13:20 

    John 13:18               John 15:16                   Acts 13:48

    Romans 8:33                        Romans 11:5                Romans 11:7

    Ephesians 1:4                       1 Thessalonians 5:9       2 Thessalonians 2:13

    2 Timothy 2:10         Titus 1:1                       1 Peter 1:2

    1 Peter 2:9               1 Peter 5:13 

            Make note of this fact:  The Word of God makes no attempt to explain how God can be righteous and just in showing mercy to whom he will, while passing by whom he will. In fact, rather than answering such carping objections from unbelieving men, the Apostle Paul simply says, God does things this way because God has determined to do things this way (Rom. 9:11-23).

            Without question, the Book of God teaches the glorious, gospel doctrine of election. No honest person can even question that fact. It is impossible to read the Scriptures, even casually, without realizing that the doctrine of election is written in boldface letters throughout the Sacred Volume. No one can reject the doctrine of election without rejecting the Word of God entirely. One may be confused as to what the Bible teaches about election; but no one can deny the fact of God’s sovereign, eternal, electing grace.

Don Fortner