"That The World May Know"     

John 14:31


     Much that our Lord Jesus Christ did and said, as he walked among men through this world, was done and said specifically that he might bring honor to God before his unbelieving enemies (John 11:42; 17:23). And this should be enough to inspire you and me to walk before our God with confidence, contentment and peace, "that the world may know" that God can be trusted.

     Our trials, brought upon us by the hand of God's good providence, give us opportunities to glorify God. We profess to believe that God is both good and sover- eign, that he rules all things with unerring wisdom to accomplish the eternal good of his elect and the glory of his own great name.When trials come, the world looks on to see if we will worship God with the peace and contentment of faith,like Job,Eli and Paul,or murmur against him,like unbelieving Israel in the wilderness.

     As for myself, I want the world to know that our God is God indeed, and that he is worthy of our implicit trust. I do not want to be an embarrassment to God, the gospel of his grace, or the church of Christ. I pray that God will give me grace, in the teeth of my daily trials, both great and small, to so trust him that I give no one occasion to blaspheme him, mock his gospel, and deride our faith, and that I give no believer occasion to stumble.

     Our hearts, the hearts of believing men and women, ought not be troubled, fearful and anxious because such a spirit arises from evil and leads to evil. Therefore our Savior said, "Let not your heart be troubled." Heart trouble,worry,fear and anxiety, has a tendency to make us selfish and self-centered. When our hearts are fretting and consumed with our own troubles, we do little for the benefit of others. Only confident, be- lieving men and women ignore their own needs and serve others.Heart trouble is contagious. Misery spreads like fire! Troubled, fretting believers are poor witnesses for Christ. Who would want to serve a Master whose servants were always complaining? Believers, whose hearts are troubled with anxiety, worry and fear, greatly dishonor God. If we would honor God our Savior, we must rejoice in him (Phil. 4:4-5; I Thess. 5:16-18). I do not mean that we should pretend to be happy when we are sad. But I do mean that we should so trust our God that we set our hearts upon him and rejoice in him.


Don Fortner