The Cause Of Trouble In My Heart     

John 14:27


     Anytime my heart is troubled with worry, anxiety and fear, (And it often is!), I can trace the trouble of my heart to five evil lusts of my flesh that constantly oppose the Spirit of God and faith in Christ. Read what I have to say about them and see if the same is not true of you.

     1. PRIDE - Sorrows usually spring out of ourselves. It is pride that makes us think the sun should always shine upon us, that we should always wear soft shoes, and that our path should always be smooth. It is pride, self-love, self-adulation, a sense of self-worth which causes us to strive with God, rebel against his sovereign purpose, despise his providence and resist his will. We will find no comfort for our hearts until our pride is broken and our hearts are subdued (Job 1:20-22; 2:9-10).

     2. UNBELIEF - This is the root of heart trouble. Worry is the fruit of unbelief. This is the thing that destroyed Israel in the wilderness (Heb. 3:12-19). If I believe God, there is nothing that I can reasonably fear, worry about, or anxiously consider (Matt. 6:25-34). I do often worry. But my worrying is the most unreasonable thing in the world.

     3. COVETOUSNESS - All heart trouble arises, in great measure, from covetousness. We want what God has not given. Our hearts will never cease to be troubled until we learn, by God's grace, to be content with God's provision (Phil. 4:11-12).

     4. ENVY - Envy was the thing that nearly destroyed David (Psa. 73:1-3). Envy is the most loathsome and vicious child that pride ever sired. Envy not only despises God's providence, envy pretends to be wiser than God! As a moth eats cloth, so envy eats a man. There is no passion of the human heart more cruel and destructive than envy. No one wants to acknowledge his envy. But we all naturally love to indulge it.

     5. SELF-PITY - Troubled hearts are usually peevish hearts, self-willed and self-indulging. Self-pity is the sum of pride, unbelief, covetousness and envy all added together. The spirit of the flesh is self-pity. The Spirit of Christ is self-denial.

     These five evils of the flesh are the things that cause my heart trouble. I have to live with them. But I can never be content to live with them.


Don Fortner