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Absolute Dominion

John 13:2


GodŐs dominion over all things is absolute. Even the most base, vile, and despicable acts of reprobate men and women are under the absolute rule of our God and heavenly Father. Nothing more clearly displays this fact than JudasŐs betrayal of our blessed Savior. That son of perdition did what he did because of the greed and malice of his own evil heart, according to the purpose of God to save his elect by the redemptive accomplishments of his dear Son. Even the work of Satan himself is under the rule and control of our God and Savior (Psalm 76:10; Proverbs 16:4).

The 18th century Scottish Presbyterian preacher, Ralph Erskine, wrote: ŇHe employs the wicked themselves to carry on his work, and make their wicked designs to contribute to advancement of his holy and glorious design; as he did make the treason of Judas, the sentence of Pilate, the malice of the Jews, to contribute for the work of redemption.Ó That is precisely what God the Holy Ghost tells us in Psalm 76:10. — ŇSurely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain

Our great God, our heavenly Father, wisely and sovereignly uses his enemies and ours, contrary to their will, to do that and only that which will advance his cause and serve his purpose of grace for his elect (Psalm 57:2).







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