joh 11v39 Take Ye Away The Stone



John 11:39


Why did our Lord issue such a command? Certainly, there was no lack of power in him. He who raised Lazarus from the dead could surely have commanded the stone to roll away from the tomb. It appears to me that only one reason can be found for this command It is God's pleasure to use men in the accomplishment of his works of mercy. Human power was not sufficient to raise the dead man but it was sufficient to take away the stone. And though he did not need man's assistance at all, our Lord condescended to use men

This is the point It is the good pleasure of our sovereign God and Savior to use frail vessels of flesh and blood to accomplish his work in the world today. We cannot save the lost; but we can tell them about the Savior. We cannot give dead men life; but we can tell them where life is found. We cannot bestow grace; but we can testify of the grace of God. And we ought to do what we can.

This is a wonder of God's grace He allows sinful men to tell sinful men the good news of salvation in Christ. Human power is not sufficient to save the ungodly; but it is sufficient to tell the story of Christ's redeeming love and grace. Our Lord says to us, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Let us, therefore, give ourselves wholeheartedly to this noble work!