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“Behold how he loved him!”

John 11:36


The tears of the Lord Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus produced such astonishment in the minds of the Jews who stood before the tomb, that they exclaimed, “Behold, how he loved him!” But had they known what many of us know of the love of the Son of God, their astonishment would have been indescribably greater. Oh, that we might know the length, and breadth, and height, and depth of the love of God that passes knowledge, the unquenchable love of God in Christ Jesus! Think, O my soul, what a huge volume shall be read over in eternity of the Savior’s love to me: His distinct and distinguishing, personal, and particular love! Truly, my Lord, I have found, “Thy love is better than wine!” I am astonished that the Son of God should ever even cast a glance in my direction, that the Holy One of Israel should choose to look upon me, but that he should love me! — That is utterly astonishing!





Don Fortner








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