"They Shall Never Perish"          

John 10:28


     Be sure you understand this basic, fundamental gospel truth. God's elect are unconditionally secure in Christ. It is impossible for a true believer to ever become an unbeliever, a saved sinner to ever become unsaved, a redeemed person to ever become unredeemed, or one of God's elect to ever become non-elect. To teach otherwise, to teach the nonsense of "conditional grace" and "conditional salvation" is to teach salvation by works.

     Dare we teach that God's elect are saved forever, no matter what? Dare we teach otherwise! Every doctrine of the gospel, every attribute of God, and every pillar of hope for sinners stands or falls here. Either God's elect are eternally secure in Christ and shall never, by any possibility, perish, or salvation by grace is a lie, the blood of Christ is of no effect, the righteousness, justice, and truth of God are delusions, and there is no hope of salvation for any sinner.

     Arguments from Scripture for the doctrine of eternal security are abundant. "Salvation is of the Lod!" That means salvation does not depend on man. It is the work of God alone. But let me give you just one reason for our eternal security in Christ, one indisputable fact that necessitates the infallible security of God's elect. It is this: GOD WILL NOT IMPUTE SIN TO HIS OWN ELECT (Rom. 4:8). No matter what they do, no matter how grieviously they sin, no matter how many times they fall, God will not impute sin to his people. Righteousness, justice, and truth will not allow him to do so.

     God has imputed our sins to Christ, from whom he exacted the full penalty of the law, the full satisfaction of divine justice. And he cannot reverse himself. He has already imputed Christ's perfect righteousness to us and promised us, upon the basis of Christ's imputed righteousness, an eternal inheritance in heaven. And he will not deny himself.

     Should men cry, "Antinomianism!" Our doctrine will not change. Should they be able to point a finger at some wretch who professes to believe the gospel and yet lives in ungodliness, our doctrine still will not change. The glory of God and the truth of God are at stake. "Let God be true, and every man a liar." God says, "THEY SHALL NEVER PERISH!"


Don Fortner