joh 10v28 My Sheep Hear My Voice


John 10:28


When the Good Shepherd calls his sheep, through the preaching of the gospel and by the power of the Holy Spirit, they all hear his voice and follow him. In the New Testament every time the Lord called someone, they followed him. You see, the saving grace of Christ is always effectual, it never fails. The Good Shepherd seeks his sheep "until he find it", and having found his sheep he always brings it safely home.

                That is a most blessed truth of the text, but the second truth taught here is equally delightful. Our Lord said, "The sheep hear his voice...The sheep follow him...And a stranger will they not follow: for they know not the voice of strangers". CHRIST'S SHEEP WILL NOT FOLLOW A STRANGER, A FALSE PROPHET, A HIRELING. The Lord gives his sheep the Spirit of discernment. They have, by the new birth, a spiritual instinct which enables them to distinguish things that differ. They know the difference between light and darkness, truth and error. When they hear false doctrine preached, there is something within them which says, "That is wrong". When they hear the gospel preached in its purity there is something in their hearts which says, "This is right". The careless religionist may see no real difference between one religion and another, one preacher and another, one sermon and another. But the least instructed and weakest of Christ's sheep do, though they may not be able to explain why. We rejoice when God sends his sheep shepherds after his heart to feed them with knowledge and understanding. But even where faithful pastors are lacking, the Good Shepherd looks after his sheep. "Ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things." By this Holy Unction Christ preserves his sheep in the way of life, "and they shall never perish".